Connection Between Mental Health & Online Privacy

Most of us don’t take mental health seriously. If someone met an accident, the loved ones put all the efforts to nurse the person back to health. However, if a person suffers a mental trauma, he/she is not being provided with proper care and attention, which makes the condition worse. The worst-case scenario, the person is scarred for life and lashes out in different ways. All we are trying to say is mental health is equally important or sometimes more important than physical health.

This is why it is said to develop human relationships, also encourage doing things that matter the most, as it will help you overcome depression and will help towards becoming mentally healthy as well.

One of the most surprising needs to keep your mind healthy is having online privacy. As unexpected as it is, studies show that if online privacy is taken care of, it could have a positive impact on your mental health.

In this post, we will discuss different aspects of privacy which are somehow related to feeling morally upright.

Social networks: Limits The Connection With Real World

With social media accounts, it seems the world is too small. You can talk to your friends and family across the world anytime. Therefore, we are so indulged in our reel world, that no one seems to have time to stay in the real world.

At some point, people are bound to feel lonely as there is no possibility that social media could take place of a normal, real life, face to face communication with the people we care and value. Whenever we have face to face conversation, a hormone, oxytocin is released, which makes us feel happy.

If we talked about privacy while using social media platform, then it simply means protecting your information from strangers. Getting into security settings and changing them to get more benefit could also open the doors to data leaking as well. Some of us have also considered of deleting social media accounts after Cambridge Analytica scandal. But don’t rush, think about it! No matter how distressing the social media platform can be, you still need your social media accounts for n number of reasons. They can help you in staying in touch with your friends and family, remembering birthdays, also helpful with career and technological news.

Even after so many debacles, you can still keep the social media accounts, provided you have attuned the privacy settings according to your needs. You can also delete some of the social media accounts which don’t seem to be more useful.

So you can reduce communication on social media and can reduce the necessary stress and maintain online privacy. If you totally want to cut off, you can delete your social media accounts to boost your privacy online.

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Unwanted Ads

You must agree to the fact that we are exposed to unwanted ads in a significant number. Whether, it is a banner on the street, billboard, websites banners, ads post promoted on social media networks and more.

Also, there is the clothing line and vast advertising industry depending on it. When you walk into a mall, marketers and salesperson could make you believe that you need a certain style or cloth to make us feel good.

Sometimes, buying a certain item could be helpful for you. Buying a smartphone could solve a lot of purposes such as calling, surfing the internet, playing games, watching videos and more. However, buying an expensive flagship phone to solve the earlier purposes seems to be an extravagance move, also it doesn’t matter what phone you possess to the people who care about you.

However, the advertisement influence to get shiny, new stuff. It is fact, no matter how many bucks you have spent in buying a bike, there is always a better one. The ulterior motive of displaying personalized ads is compelling you to buy new things. The things are not promoting what you want, it is promoting what’s in trend, the one that society wants you to have. These are extrinsic values, however, the things that we really yearn for are intrinsic.

The intrinsic values are related to doing or performing (such as learn to play the guitar), caring about something. These values are about doing something meaningful for people or society that we care. Pursuing intrinsic values gives us mental satisfaction and helps us to cope with mental stress. Mostly intrinsic values are dominated by extrinsic ones, as intrinsic values are usually suppressed, as the dominated values get advertised and intrinsic ones are hardly discussed. On the Internet, the ads are, once again, tailored specifically to hook us.

Wondering how we get personalized ads? It’s with the help of our posts on social media, likes and videos that we watch and share along with the location. What we write in our Gmail, chat on Facebook Messenger, this is all called Big Data.

Now, are you thinking how to avoid personalized ads? You can save yourselves by not feeding too much information to those who serve them and also by not permitting them to track you. Again, privacy plays a role here.

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We are not suggesting you delete everything and run. We are recommending you use these services and social media platforms carefully and use privacy settings to save yourself from the influence. You need to decide which services are necessary to use and which of them could be avoided. Also, you can minimize time spent on social media which will result in a few ads and fewer worries related to personal data.

To Wrap Up:

Talking and spending time with people you care matters a lot, and this will reduce your time spent on social media platforms, resulting in fewer ads, this will help you realize what makes you really happy. Buying stuff, spending money can’t give you continuum happiness and content but being in the real world can. Try it!

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