5 Apps to Help You Automate Your Mac

Everybody wants quick and effective results with less time & minimum effort. We’re always on the hunt to organize and manage our files, folders, and all the repetitive tasks to stay productive. Some power users also deploy suitable tools and applications to improve performance and boost overall productivity.

Updating apps installed on our devices will help you work more efficiently. However, that’s certainly not enough! One requires many applications and tools to ensure the device’s smoother functioning, better speed, and enhanced productivity.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to automate your Mac to get your daily tasks done effortlessly and make your life easier. In this article, we would recommend the most suitable choices to enhance your Mac productivity and overall user experience.

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5 Best Apps To Automate Your Mac

Here are the five best Mac productivity apps you can use to automate your machine and make your life better in just a few steps:

1. Setapp


If you are looking for a dedicated solution that provides different solutions for your Mac, ranging from maintenance, lifestyle, security, writing, creativity, task management & more in a single bundle, Setapp is a perfect choice. It is a productivity toolkit that can assist you in various tasks and resolves common problems related to your iPhone and Mac.

Significant Highlights:

  • In this application’s suite, you can discover a collection of fine-picked tools and apps based on your specific task requirement.
  • You can type anything in the search section, and the solution will immediately recommend plenty of tools to meet your task requirements.
  • Whether writing, blogging, coding, converting HEIC images to JPEG format, or cleaning your Mac, Setapp has your back for everything!

Pricing – $9.99/month for the only Mac version, $12,49/month for Mac + iOS version, and $14.99/month for power users.

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2. Cleanup My System


If you are struggling with your Mac’s slow speed and overall performance, Cleanup My System is here to save the day! Using this Mac productivity app, you can clean and optimize your machine in a single click to enhance the overall stability and make your daily operations efficient and productive.

Significant Highlights:

  • Improve your MacBook’s startup time by disabling unwanted login & launch agents.
  • Clean and optimize your MacBook in one click by eliminating junk files, temp files, etc.
  • Manage your Mac’s disc space by removing large/old files, trash items, mail attachments, etc.
  • Wipe privacy-exposing traces and other potential viruses that hamper your Mac speed.

Price – $34.99 yearly price (auto-renewable) and $84.99 for lifetime access (non-consumable).

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3. Toggl Plan


If you are searching for a team planning software app for your Mac, Toggl Plan is a perfect choice. It’s one of the best Mac productivity apps to use in 2022; it helps you track your work and stay updated with deadlines, plan your tasks using timeline views, and use collaborative elements to work in small teams on a project.

Significant Highlights:

  • Track your time on a project and help you compile every team member’s total time spent doing the work.
  • It can estimate the productivity levels of your group.
  • Helps in automating your workflow by helping you complete your schedules on time.
  • It provides a timeline and board view of your work for easier access.

Price – $8/month for teams and $13.35/month for business.

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4. Alfred


Alfred is one of the best MacBook apps for productivity in 2022. It’s an all-in-one combo solution that will help you search faster, work smarter, and save time and effort. Using this MacBook app for productivity, you can find features related to Universal Actions, access Snippets, Terminal, Calculator, Preview, and more.

Significant Highlights:

  • Text expander to save and access your clipboard history or perform multiple commands.
  • Find important files faster and research smoothly by accessing search results from Amazon and Google.
  • Get easier access to all the potential required tools based on your preference and needs.
  • It can also help you set workflows to customize your actions and performance on different apps simultaneously.

Price – Alfred 5 Powerpack: £34 for the single license and £59 for mega supporters.

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5. Keyboard Maestro


Keyboard Maestro is one of the best apps to automate your Mac. You can get plenty of stuff done effortlessly, such as recording and designing your macro shortcuts, smoothly navigating through running applications, and more. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one application that will make your work easier, this app is the one for you!

Significant Highlights:

  • Run and execute your codes
  • Manage your clipboard and all the files or folders
  • Automate your device based on time and date
  • Move the mouse for yourself, manipulate keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

Price- $36 for a one-time purchase (Version 10) and $25 for an upgrade to the current latest version.

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Conclusion | Which Is Your Favorite Mac Productivity App?

So, we conclude the list of the five best apps to automate your Mac. We hope you find the information in our blog helpful and that we were able to help you out in any way. I suggest you try Cleanup My System as it is one of those Mac productivity apps that keep your system safe and stable and work with utmost efficiency for a long time.

If you have other preferred apps to automate Mac, share your recommendations in the comments below. Rest, it’s up to you to discover your needs and how you want to experiment with different tools to get the best results on your Mac. Be more productive, and make your life easier!


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