Apple’s New Update Helps You Find Symptoms Of Coronavirus

With the world dealing with Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is trying to do their bit to be useful. Apple has released a new update, which is related to the same to help out the users. It is a Siri update, which will help the user communicate and find out about their health. One must learn how to use technology efficiently during these times. In the latest development, Apple, Google, and all the other major companies are regularly working towards the betterment of people in understanding the situation. The pandemic, which has been claiming lives in different parts of the world needs urgent attention. With the epitome of the disease, driving people into fear,  many reluctantly are worried about their health.

With the limited resources, it is needed that we learn to differentiate the common cold from the severe Coronavirus infection. It is quite hard to find out the actual causes and exact parameters of the COVID-19. But, the doctors and researchers from around the globe have worked on a list of symptoms for self-diagnosis. The World Health Organization has a list of symptoms, which are found to be more prevalent in COVID-19 positive patients. These include mild to moderate respiratory illness along with the common cold and dry cough. It is advised to follow a self-quarantine and practice social distancing until the situation changes for good.

Siri Update To Tell You If You Covid-19?


Apple announced recently that the Siri update would help you identify with the coronavirus symptoms. This is a much-needed tool as a lot of people are in a state of panic, and they wish to learn if they are showing any signs of illness of the kind. All you need to do is make use of your Apple Device and talk to your voice assistant Siri. If you are worried, you might be showing COVID-19 symptoms, take a symptoms test and talk to Siri.

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How to activate Siri on your iPhone.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Type Siri on search bar or you can call Siri by saying “Hey Siri, “provided you have set it to wake this way.
  3. Now tap on Siri option.
  4. Turn on the switch for Siri to enable it.iphone siri

On iPhone X and later phone models, you can press the side buttons a few times to activate Siri. If you are on an Apple Watch, one can tap on the screen, and say “Hey Siri” to start the conversation. If using the HomePod, you can press the top of the smart device, and say “Hey, Siri”. While on Mac, one can quickly start the conversation with Siri button on the keyboard or say Hey, Siri (For 2018 and later models).

Now, you can ask Siri the question. “ Hey Siri, do I have coronavirus”. This will be immediately responded with an elaborated questionnaire. As per Apple, the answers have been directed by the U.S. Health organization. Note, this service is currently available to the U.S. citizens only. The questions involve simple things like if you have been in contact with a person who is diagnosed with Coronavirus.

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Later, if the symptoms are not extreme as per the guidelines, Siri will advise you to take rest and isolate yourself. Avoiding contact with people and objects, which might be the carriers of the virus is the number one rule to ensure safety.

In other cases, one showing the symptoms, which might be caused by Coronavirus are advised to consult a doctor. A physical examination, along with a test, will be more helpful in concluding the report.


You can help yourself with the primary symptoms and get for the next level test. This can also be used as a primary diagnosis for those around you. The basic questionnaire will let you recognize the issue, and you can get help on time. As we conclude the post, we would like to know your views. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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