What To Expect With Android 14 Developer Preview 2

The Android 14 Developer Preview 2 has finally been released by Google with more features that will improve user experience by boosting Performance, Privacy, And Security.

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When Will Android 14 Be Released For General Public?

Android 14

Google follows a specific pattern when it comes to releasing a new Android OS. The Developer Previews were released in Feb and March. This will be followed by Beta releases in April & May. The next two months, June & July, will be for Platform Stability, and August 2023 will be selected for the final release of Android 14.

As implied by the name, only app developers are advised to utilize the second Development Preview for app testing. It’s for trying out additional features and ensuring their apps function properly on upgraded devices. In the upcoming months, Google will push for feedback from developers as there will undoubtedly be bugs and other issues.

Consumers will have easier access after the first beta version launches next month. The Pixel 4a 5G and later Google smartphones can install Android 14 Development Preview 2.

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What Are The New Features In Android 14 Developer Preview 2?

1. Share Select Photos With Apps

Share Select Photos With Apps


One of the new functionalities of Android 14 is the feature to select the images and video clips to be shared with Apps rather than sharing the entire Photo Library. This means when you want to open an image within an app, you will get three options: Allow Access To All Photos, Select Photos, and Don’t Allow.

For example, if you wish to share a faulty product image with a shopping app for the returns process, you do not need to share your entire photo gallery. Just tap on Select Photos and choose the image of the faulty product only. The shopping app will not have access to the entire photo collection.

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2. Credential Manager Platform API

Apps can sign while using passkeys thanks to the Credential Management platform API in Android 14. The account selector’s UI appearance has been improved in the latest DP, and the API has also been modified in accordance with feedback from DP1.

The memory control framework on Android has been optimized in DP2, which improves resource use when background apps are open. Moreover, Android 14 will have fewer non-dismissible notifications and better APIs for app stores. Applications designed for Android 14 will require permission to launch background processes.

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3. Regional Preferences

Regional Preferences

Once Android 14 is installed on your device, you can use Regional options to customize the numbering system, the first day of the week, and temperature units based on your location. So you won’t have to use Fahrenheit any longer if you’re a European residing in the United States.

4. Simplifying Background Tasks

The new features in Android 14 will make your experience more seamless than before. Simplified background work improves user experience, system health, and battery life.

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6. Folding Phones And Tablets

Android 14 provides a new level of ease with support for tablets and foldable form factors. To assist developers in launching their apps, Google has offered guidance to get started with creating apps for large screens and foldables. Additionally, the app quality recommendations for wide screens provide thorough checklists to evaluate your app. Furthermore, motion prediction and low-latency stylus libraries have been made available.

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