Google Introduces New Changes With Android 14 APIs

Google has made new changes related to API in its upcoming OS, Android 14. These changes are related to anti-competitive policies. With these new additions, third-party app stores like Amazon, F-Droid, and APKMirror will obtain feature equality with the Google Play Store.

Android 14

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Google’s New APIs For Android 14

The Android 14 API documentation clearly reflects a few changes that were highlighted by Android expert Mishaal Rahman. Google’s 2023 release aims to enhance the experience for users and app stores equally after Android 12 finally enabled third-party app stores to constantly update the applications installed.

New API Features In Android 14

Gentle Updates API

Gentle Updates API

The greatest modification is Android 14’s new Gentle Updates API, which enables independent app stores to check that you aren’t using an app before auto-update. App stores will be able to make sure the app isn’t open, running a background service, or engaging with you in any manner before they update it. Before updating an app, they can make sure your device isn’t currently in Doze Mode or on a call.

Third-party app stores can check each of these individually, but Google advises developers to utilize the presets it offers for this new Gentle Updates approach to decide when an app should be updated. Additionally, this new mechanism does not need app stores to request access to crucial permissions in order to determine when it is appropriate to automatically update an app. Even though this information could previously be derived via a number of older Android APIs.

Update Ownership API

Update Ownership API

A third-party app store can now become the exclusive source for updates to an app that it initially installed. Thanks to a new Update Ownership API, which eliminates a possible problem where an app installed by the third-party app store could be updated automatically by the Play Store. This would be beneficial for app stores such as Obtainium, that frequently provides updates for open-source apps ahead of the Play Store and sends them out directly from the developer’s releases website.

User Preapproval API

User Preapproval API

Furthermore, a User Preapproval API enables independent app storess to show a prompt before installing an app update. When an app updates its main feature set or adds granted-at-runtime rights that the app store believes you should be aware of before an automated update occurs, this should be helpful.

Regional Preferences

Regional Preferences

According to a claim by Android Police, the Android 14 DPI has a secret system settings page called “Regional Preferences”. It can be used to modify all regional preferences without having to go into each application’s settings menu. The settings will automatically configure system-wide choices for the number system, calendar format, first day of the week, and temperature units. Applications won’t need to inquire about or guess at users’ preferences as a result.

Your Thoughts On Google Introduces New Changes With Android 14 APIs

It should be noted that the Android 14 release schedule states that these and any more new APIs won’t be completed until June 2023. These functionalities may therefore alter when the new version transitions from developer preview build to beta releases, but given the legal pressure Google is now experiencing, we wouldn’t anticipate Google to outright eliminate the APIs.

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