Android 14: Say Bye To Legacy Apps With No Sideloading Possible!

Google will implement stronger measures when it comes to obsolete apps being installed on new devices, according to a recently reported code update. Android will no longer permit sideloading of apps that are intended for earlier OS versions as of version 14.

Android 14

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How Will Google Prevent Legacy Apps?

How Will Google Prevent Legacy Apps

With Android 14, Google hopes to enforce additional API restrictions in the future release. Users won’t be allowed to sideload APK files for apps that don’t comply with a specific API level after the change takes effect. Additionally, it will stop third-party app shops from installing applications that do not adhere to the new standards.

According to reports, Android 14 will first prohibit apps that target older Android editions in particular. Google does, however, intend to gradually raise the need for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and build a method to “progressively ramp up” even higher. According to Google, the corporation will probably give OEMs the choice of turning on or off the feature and establishing a cutoff point for obsolete apps for their devices.

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Why Does Google Prevent Legacy Apps?

Why Does Google Prevent Legacy Apps

This modification tries to prevent the propagation of malware since, according to the developer who made the change, “malware can target earlier SDK versions to escape enforcement of new API behavior.” Users will still be able to use a command shell and a new flag to install out-of-date applications on their devices, but the procedure won’t be as straightforward as sideloading an APK. Google will reduce the likelihood that consumers may unwittingly install malware-filled software on their devices by making the procedure more challenging.

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What Is The Current Status Of Legacy Apps?

Current Status Of Legacy Apps

Google currently prohibits newly listed apps from aiming at Android versions older than 12, although it still permits users to sideload older apps. Additionally, Google Play still permits you to download older apps that you have already purchased.

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Your Thoughts On Android 14: Say Bye To Legacy Apps With No Sideloading Possible!

Android 14 users will have to use advanced technical knowledge to sideload applications via the command shell and a new flag that permits installation. Users won’t be able to unintentionally download unsafe apps to their phones this way. However, this may cost Android to lose business because it would be difficult for most of the users to carry out the side loading process. When Google releases the initial developer preview build of Android 14 in the upcoming weeks, we anticipate learning more about this modification.

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