Android 10: All You Need To Know

Android has officially released its latest version Android 10, now available to install on Google Pixel phones. With this update, now Android users can take advantage of the dark theme. A few days before the release, it was rumored that Google is finally breaking the monotony of the dessert specific name, which it had been using for each version till now.

Better late than never, Google might have realized or acted on the feedback that these dessert names could be hard to keep up with. Also, they could be difficult to understand by people in the global community.

Well, with that note, let us know how Android has preceded with its new version Android 10 and what are the new features to be excited out?

We will be discussing all the important changes that are being implied in the newest version of Android. Ever since the release of its beta version in March with the name Android Q, people got a peek at its promising features to make a mark in the technological world.

Whether it is overall gesture mode navigation or the focus mode to avoid distraction from notifications. These features for user’s wellness addressing the increased awareness of health issues due to excessive usage of smartphones, there is so much to be excited about.

Sneak Peak Into Android 10 Features

Let’s take a look at the latest updates and features introduced with release of Android 10.

Live Caption

Android 10 Live Caption

Now get live captions on all videos, audios, and podcasts. With a single tap, you can get captions automatically. The best part is the feature works without the data connection. Also, it will be an inbuilt feature for your media created by you.

Smart Reply

Android 10 Smart Reply

With the new update, you can get suggestions for your reply. The response includes both text messages and emoticons. It will also take you to Maps to show you directions whenever this is seen in texts. It will work with default messaging app on your Android device along with the Signal app.                          

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier Android 10

It will help in reducing background noise so as to make it clear to hear the voice while on calls. The quiet will be given a boost as to have a sound surround to be clear while on the wired connection conversations on your phone.

Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation Android 10

It is meant to make your life so much easier by providing smooth sliding on your Android with just one thin gesture bar. Now, you can jump from one app to other apps with one swipe. While swiping up will take you to the home page. Going back from a point by just pinching on either side is also a major change introduced.

Dark Theme

Dark Mode Android 10

Unlike some of the versions provided by third-party apps, this is the official launch of Dark mode on Android. With true black as the interface color, which safer for eyes while working in low light. Also, with the dark theme color, user can save their battery enjoying bigger battery life.

Reduce Distraction With Focus Mode

Focus Mode Android 10

With this new feature of Android 10, by adding apps to the distracting apps list on Focus Mode, you will get to work freely. The notifications will be paused for a while and it will stop the apps to open while this mode is enabled. This will help you concentrate more on your work while using the phone.

Family Link

Family link Location

Another feature in the direction of protecting the child, lets users to remotely check on the usage of their phone. Find where is the phone located to check their location. Keeping an eye on what content is being accessed by your children on the phone with app history.

Better Security

Get the important security updates on your Android device with Google Play Protect. Just the way any other app receives updates, Google Play will now install important security fixes on your phone. Giving the system updates an improved chance to get updates via Google Play protect will enhance the user ability.

Wi-Fi QR Code

No need to spell out the password to your Wi-Fi connection for your guests. Share the QR code instead which makes it a secure way to let others use your connection without revealing your passcode.

Timer for Website

If you find yourself spending too much time on the websites, this can be sorted now. Earlier, you can only restrict apps by adding them to a particular app to manage your screen time. However, now you can use it for a website as well to limit your timing there as well.

More Private

Privacy Settings can be accessed in one place. Be it App permissions or Web & App activity. Location access also gets filtered as notification keeps reminding you about the apps permitted to access your location and you can change it anytime.

Keep Hardware Healthy

A notification shows if your USB port consists of any dirt or moisture. A potential threat to your smartphone will be detected and informed to the user on time to take necessary actions. Along with internal care for system, Android 10 will now help you decide on the external care with measures to keep a check on them.

Manage Notifications

Go to the notifications to customize priority of any notification. Set them as Silent or Alarming according to your preferences. Any app notification can be customized directly from the notification panel itself.

Added Emoji

Enjoy the newly added emoji to the Android 10 version which includes the gender-inclusive designs like weightlifting and sauna. With increased number of emoji options, you will not have look for third party apps to be installed on your system.

Wrapping up :

Well, closing on with another big reveal, now Android 10 will be available on the fold-able phones as well for 5G supporting devices. Android 10 has addressed a lot of issues starting from well-being of users to privacy settings, let’s see how much it helps users.

For now, only Google Pixel users can avail of all these new features and settings introduced with Android 10 update. However, other phones are expected to receive the update in the coming 6 months.

Can’t wait to get hands-on Android 10? Get the latest beta version on your Android device and enjoy the new features.

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