1Password Vs LastPass: The Trusted Comparison

In this ever-demanding internet world, we are supposedly putting too much pressure on our heads. To maintain a social life online and to remember a dozen of the passwords associated with all of the accounts, has become troublesome. Here is a quick comparison of 1Password vs Lastpass.

A password manager is a tool or application which works as a safe for all your passwords and auto-fills passwords for you. This will save your time and energy which sometimes is wasted in recovering the passwords. Helping out with the most important thing as we go no more with our unique ids and passwords to unlock a lot of important deals.

While choosing a password manager, you can get confused with a lot of options available online. All of them claiming to be the best and some have reviews to prove it as well. So which one will you choose to keep all your passwords safe from all kinds of threats?

1Password Vs LastPass

1Password Vs LastPass Password Manager Comparison –

Well, to free you from this confusion, we have discussed the top 2 password managers and head to head comparison of both.  So, it will be easier to decide which one is best suited for your use with this detailed 1Password vs LastPass comparison.



LastPass comes as a web browser interface that is also available to be used as extensions and plugins. It stores all your passwords online in a fully encrypted vault that requires your master password.  It is also available as an app for your smartphones. LastPass can generate passwords for you to ensure security online. It can create the auto-fill forms which will not need you to type in the login credentials each time you visit a website or app. It has a two-factor authentication which makes it really hard for anyone to crack your password.

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As the product tagline says you can forget all your passwords when you get 1Password. This is a cloud-based service so it’s easier to access on all platforms. It remembers all your passwords from websites to apps in one place. It makes it easier for you to enter the websites without typing out the login credentials each time you visit. The tool has a one-click pattern to get permission from you to fill in the details saved in its directory. 1Password is a trusted name that is used by business organizations as well as personal.

Get the family pack for an optimum cost and save unlimited passwords, credit card details, and notes. Apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows are available making it useful for all types of platforms.

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Which is better 1Password or LastPass?

Let’s have a subject wise comparison for LastPass and 1Password to make it easy for you to decide which on do you like. 

1.  1Password Vs LastPass : Compatibility with platforms-

We take a look at how compatible these two password managers are with the devices and web browsers. 

Let’s take a look at the availability of the password managers on various platforms. It is seen that both of them are easy to use for Android and iOS devices as they support auto fill form. And, therefore, you can use them along with the mobile browsers.

For desktop web browsers, it’s different and we will have a look at that aspect of the password managers. LastPass and 1Password both of them have an extension available for major web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera. For Desktop use, Windows and Mac both can avail the service with their localised apps. This can put it to use when you are offline and require to auto fill the passwords. The difference we found was to use the 1Password extension on the web, you need to have the app on your system.

LastPass – Chrome, Chrome OS, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, iOS, Android, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Windows phone, Dolphin for Android. 

1Password – Chrome, Chrome OS, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, iOS, Android, Windows PC, macOS, Linux. 3

With this analysis, you will easily see that LastPass has better coverage of the platforms. It is also available on Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and macOS.

2. 1Password Vs LastPass : Creating your account-

To find out how much time does it require to set up a vault and master password. 1Password provides you with an additional secret key to keep you safe and it is needed whenever you log in from a new device. While LastPass does not has the same procedure to protect the identity.

Both the password managers allow the data to be transferred on it via a .xml or .csv file. 1Password names the place to safe-keep your passwords a vault, whereas LastPass calls it Folders.

Both LastPass and 1Password have two factor authentication on it to be used for protection.

3. 1Password Vs LastPass : Pricing –

LastPass- Individual – $2 (One user), Family – $4 ( Six users), Business – $6 (User billed annually).

1Password- Individual – $2.99 (One user), Family – $4.99 ( Five users), Business – $7.99 (User billed annually).

4. 1Password Vs LastPass : Data Protection-

Safety is a must as we are providing them with our most important details. Therefore these password managers work with high encryption. Even though the data is saved online on the respective servers for LastPass and 1Password, it remains coded which are not in readable form. LastPass require an encrypt keys to get access to your password as it is created by your master password. Similarly 1Password has a master password and for additional security it creates a secret key too. The security against any kind of online attacks and data breach.

1Password manages to sync the data with services like Dropbox to make it more accessible. While LastPass has a stronger vault than 1Password when compared based on 1Password Vs LastPass security.

5. 1Password Vs LastPass : Account Recovery-

One of the important aspects to check before choosing a password manager is the process of account recovery. 1Passowrd is way better if we talk about account recovery as it will ask you fill important details in the very beginning. This saved information is used in case of emergency. For being dependant on the password manager for all the details of our online accounts. We can not create everything again and it is necessary to recover this master password or to make a new one with strong security measures. This emergency kit will help you gain back a new master password for your password manager account on 1Password.

For LastPass, the one time password sent to your email or as a text on your assigned phone number. This is not new to users and hence more convincing, even though it can be misused. It is more of a slight threatening as the person can get access to a lot of accounts with the reach on your phone or email.

Therefore, 1Password has an advancement in this part over LastPass.

6. 1Password Vs LastPass : Add ons-

LastPass and 1Password both have different additional features to make them better than the other. LastPass has an emergency feature to be used by a family member from the family pan in the case where the person is unable to reach their account. While 1Password has a unique feature which protects you from the malicious websites while travelling.

In LastPass, you can only access your account from the country you created it in. So while travelling it is prevented from any attacks.


As to ensure your online protection, you need a number of passwords. These passwords manager will help you with remembering all these in one place. They majorly will need just one master password for all places. Both of the password managers are ranked among the topmost when listed for the best password manager. However, we found LastPass to be more reliable and user-friendly as we compare 1Password and LastPass.


Is 1password better than LastPass?

The best way to describe the difference between these two will be on the basis of the features each offer. With that respect, 1password has its advantage over LastPass with ease of use and multiple vault feature.

Is LastPass the best password manager?

LastPass can be considered the best password manager if you are looking for a free service. It comes with a better web browser extension and lets you change multiple passwords at once.

Is LastPass safe?

With the device level encryption, LastPass removes the chances of the passwords being exposed to anyone else in the process. The servers do not have access to your master password, so it can be said safe to use LastPass.

Can 1password be trusted?

LastPass can be trusted as all its data is heavily encrypted and they never read any of your passwords. It provides the two-factor authentication to the users for the local device-based security.

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