15 Best Free Video Locker Apps for Android & iOS

One of the must-have applications on our phone is an application to lock videos. A video locker app helps to transfer our videos from the default gallery to a secret vault created on our smartphone. You can choose which videos you want to keep confidential, and the application would encrypt them and hide them in a private space. These apps also offer various features, including, private browsing, gallery to view the videos privately, fake decoy vaults that open with a fake password. These apps can also be hidden behind other common apps like calculator or clock for more privacy. It would not be possible for anyone to view your private stash of videos without the passcode even if your phone is stolen, as all the data within the vault is encrypted with unique algorithms.

5 Best Free Video Locker Apps for Android & iOS

1. Vault-Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup.

video locker apps Vault

With over a hundred million users, Vault is a renowned app in the category. It is one of the best apps to lock videos and images and keep them hidden from others. It has many other features embedded into a single app, including:

  1. App Lock: This application allows you to protect your social apps, call logs, and calling apps by placing a lock over them.
  2. Private Browsing: This apps contains a private browser that does not store any cache or cookies and thus leaving no trace of your internet surfing history.
  3. Cloud Backup: Generally you need a separate app to store your photos on the cloud, however, with this app’s feature, users can back up their photos on the cloud storage.
  4. Recover your password: This app allows the user to set up a security email in the vault, which can help you retrieve your passwords.
  5. Fake Vault. This app provides the option to create more than one vault including a fake vault which can be used if some of your close friends ask you to unlock your vault.

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2. Private Photo vault

video locker apps private photo vault

Originally developed for iOS users, this app is now available for Android as well. It has received a 4+ rating on the Play Store as it is easy to use the app to hide your videos and images. The app also automatically encrypts your media files which secure your personal media. Its features include:

  1. Hide app or album: Private Photo Vault provides an opportunity for the user to hide the entire gallery app or a single album. This ensures that your private media is behind a double layer of security.
  2. Break-in Report: If anyone enters a wrong password, then the app ensures to click a photo and record your device’s GPS location without alerting the intruder.
  3. False Password: A unique feature inculcated in this video lock app is that it allows the user to create two passwords. If someone forces you to open the vault to view your personal videos, then you can enter a false password and let them access the fake vault. This fake vault will have some photos a predetermined by you.
  4. Manage your Photos: This app allows you to create a slideshow of the photos, share them via email and text message, import, and export between galleries and provides a gallery that can zoom, rotate and pan your images

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3. Gallery Vault- Hide Pictures and Videos

video locker apps private gallery vault

Gallery Vault assists the users to hide personal videos as well as audio, images, and documents. Once your secret files are hidden, then this video locker app can hide its icon as well. This means no one will be able to know the existence of this app on your mobile. Some of the features include:

  • Supports private browsing.
  • Includes a built-in download manager.
  • Multilingual Support including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi.
  • Break-in
  • Security by passcode and fingerprint.

4. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

video locker apps private photo vault

Keepsafe’s photo vault lets the user hide their videos and photos and keep them safe by adding a pin, pattern or fingerprint. It also allows the users to create custom albums, and sort the media files which they want to keep private. Other features include:

  • Built-in Camera app which clicks a photo within the app and hides the resultant image.
  • Photo organizer with slide show functions.
  • Auto-Lock when the phone is placed face down.
  • Fake Pin to dupe others.
  • Sync Photos and videos across all devices.

5. Hide Your Videos Without A Third-Party App.

This is not an app but a method to hide your videos in your phone without installing any third-party app.

Android users can follow these simple steps instead of using a video locker app to hide their precious videos:

Step 1. Open the default file manager that was preinstalled on your Android device.

Step 2. Create a new folder and while providing a name, always start with a dot or a period. For example, if you want to name it ‘Secret Videos’, then name it as ‘.Secret Videos’.

Step 3. Any files saved in this folder will not be accessible by apps installed on your phone including the gallery app.

Note: To access this folder or move videos to it, you will have to use your default file manager, and enable Show Hidden Files from the settings. But remember anyone who has access to your phone can unhide your folders and find out what you are hiding. I strongly recommend that you use an app.

video locker apps steps in android

iPhone users, you do not have a file manager but there is something else:

Step 1. Go to Photos and click Select option from the top-right corner.

Step 2. Now choose videos and photos that you need to hide. Pull up the list of options from below.

Step 3. From the bottom left corner, click on the Share button to get options list. Slide up and look for Hide option from the list. All the videos and photos will be moved to a hidden folder.

Note. That video will be stored in your secret folder (Hidden). But, anyone with access to your passcode can access that folder. Therefore it is recommended to rather use an app to hide your stuff.

video locker apps iphone options


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5 Best Free Video Locker Apps For Android Only

1. Keep Photos Secret: Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

Keep Photos Secret Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

Keep Photos Secret: Hide Gallery Pictures Videos is one of the best video lock apps as it uses an encryption algorithm to encrypt the files stored in the secret vault. Developed by Systweak Software, this app is one you should really consider hiding your secret stash of videos and photos with a double password feature, One for the app and the other for the specific album. Some of the other features are:

  • Fast and Secured
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Lock any file on your phone.
  • Double Layered Security
  • Stealth Mode

Get it here.

2. Private Photo, Video Locker

video locker apps private photo video locker

One of the best features of this video locker app for Android is that it is hidden beneath a standard functioning calculator that can be accessed when the user enters the correct passcode. Other features include:

  • Private browsing.
  • Fake Password to display fake content.
  • Direct sharing of locked files.
  • Hide all types of apps.
  • Face Down Phone initiates predefined action.

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3. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

video locker apps lockmypix

LockMyPix is another one of the apps to lock videos that provide military-grade AES encryption as documented on their website. It has four options to access the secret vault, namely Pin, Password, Pattern, and Fingerprint. Some of the features include:

  • Fake Vault
  • Unlimited albums and sub-albums
  • Supports SD Cards
  • Store Encrypted Backups.
  • Hide LocKMyPix App icon.

4. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

video locker apps clock the vault

As the name suggests,  Clock Vault is a secret video locker app with a normal functioning clock app to act as a cover. It is indeed very useful to safeguard and hide your private media files which you want to keep away from snooping eyes. It also allows you to share the media without having to unhide it directly from the vault. Other features include:

  • App Locker included which can even hide recent tasks.
  • Clock Vault icon can be replaced with a fake icon to disguise the vault.
  • Alerts for intruders.
  • Decoy Gallery
  • Media Player

5. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault

video locker apps hide pictures hide photos

The last video locker app on the Android list is Hide Pictures by SMSROBOT LTD. Like other apps discussed, this app hides photos, pictures, and videos, and allows the users to share them with selected users. It has a unique feature of initiating a fake application message which looks genuine and is used to avoid nosy friends. Some of the features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Prevent Uninstall
  • Cloud services for a premium account
  • Records Break-in Attempts.
  • Password Recovery.

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5 Best Free Video Locker Apps for iOS Only

1. Keep Photos Secret

Keep photos secret ios

Keep Photos Secret is a video locker app that offers a double layer of protection when it comes to storing your private videos and images in the secret vault. The first password is required to unlock the app and the second layer come in to unlock each individual album with a different password.

  • It allows the uses to click photos and videos directly from within the app, thus storing it directly in the vault.
  • The app can be synced with Itunes making it easier to manage the photos and videos.
  • It offers the users the feature to downsize the photos to save space on the mobile device.
  • The PIN Recovery feature is quick in case you forget your secret code.
  • The data within the vault remains private and is not synced anywhere.

Get it here.

2. Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault

video locker apps pic lock photo video vault

One of the popular apps to lock videos on the iPhone is Pic Lock, which allows the user to store those precious moments without worrying about the comments made by family and friends. The trick is “If they can’t see then they can’t comment”. Pic Lock offers more than hiding photos and videos like:

  • Detects Intruder.
  • Decoy Password to display fake vault.
  • Unlimited album creation
  • Sync with iTunes
  • Built-in video player

Get it here

3. Photo Vault: lock Secret album

video locker apps photo vault lock secret album

This video lock app is one of the few that stores your files like images, audio, video, and documents in a secret vault that can be unlocked by Face ID support. It is used by many across the globe to store copies of important documents like ID cards and Credit cards. Photo Vault also features the Dark Mode theme as well. Besides hiding files out of plain sight, it also offers:

  • Options to create albums in the app.
  • Set covers for different albums.
  • iTunes Syncing
  • Built-in Camera for taking photos within the app.
  • Documents viewer.

4. Secret Vault-Hide Photos Photo

video locker apps secret vault hide photos

Secret Vault-HidePhotos Photo is a multifunctional app with a lot of features and hiding your videos is just one of them. It is a complete file management app that helps you organize your files, and reduce the stress of finding them the moment you really need them. Some of the important features include:

  • Hide and lock your videos, photos, recordings and other files.
  • All file viewer support within the app like office documents, PDF, and webpages.
  • Folder support including create delete, cut, copy, rename and search.
  • Support Viewing many file formats
  • Communicate with computer

5. Secret Photo & Video Vault

video locker apps secret photo and video vault

Another app for iPhone which stores the user files in a secure environment, away from the prying eyes of snoopers. The multi-layer security is activated by Pattern lock, Pin Code and fingerprint touch ID. Some of the important features are:

  • Simple and quick interface.
  • Direct share to social media
  • Cloud Features
  • Includes Photo Editor tools
  • Customer Support.

Your Thoughts on Free Video locker Apps

That concludes the list of a total of 15 apps to lock videos and other files on your phone. The basic functionality of all the apps is the same, but each developer has tried to make something different in order to attract users. Hiding the vault behind the clock or calculator, hiding the vault icon altogether or displaying an error message are a few extra features offered by some. While others have designed simple apps but with secured encryption that is almost impossible to crack. It is up to you, which app you want to choose as you’re your need.

Once you install and use the app, drop in a comment stating which you like the best and why. Do subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube channels for interesting information like this.

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