YouTube Will Finally Be Quitting The Overlay Ads Feature

What Is In The News?


YouTube is getting rid of the Overlay Ads feature which was rated as one of the most annoying features. This legacy feature will be discontinued from 9th April 2023.

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What Is The YouTube Overlaying Ads feature?

YouTube Overlaying Ads feature

YouTube desktop users had to bear an irritating feature of Overlaying Ads at the bottom center while viewing a YouTube Video. When crossed out, the ad would disappear, but a small questionnaire would appear in its place, gathering user feedback. These ads would appear out of nowhere and block some part of the video content the user was viewing. These overlaying ads would only appear on desktops, creating a disruptive view for PC viewers.

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What Should YouTube Users Expect From April 2023?

What Should YouTube Users Expect From April

YouTube has finally decided to discontinue the Overlaying Ads feature from the 6th of April, 2023. The Google-based Video sharing platform believes this step will enhance the viewing experience. Most of us know that Ads are a major source of income for Google, and removing this feature might lead to a decrease in revenue. However, YouTube feels that this mode of the advertisement already started to decline, and it will shift its focus to other high-performing advertisement modules.

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Why Did YouTube Decide To Discontinue The Overlaying Ads Feature?

What Should YouTube Users Expect From April

It is interesting to note that YouTube did not discontinue the Overlaying Ads feature so that users can be happy. Rather, this mode of advertisement would help Creators to make money only if the viewers clicked on the ad. According to Google Analytics, the percentage of users that actually clicked on Overlaying ads was very less. Hence YouTube encouraged its Creators to shift to other modes of Advertisement.

YouTube has analyzed the fact that most of the creators on its platform have already shifted to other ad modes like the “few seconds unskippable ads” or the “complete 30-sec ad format that can be skipped after the first 5 seconds”. Hence it has decided to discontinue the overlaying ads feature.

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Your Thoughts On YouTube Will Finally Be QuittingThe Overlay Ads Feature

Whatever the reason may be, discontinuing the Overlaying Ads is a great step and is welcomed by many viewers. Additionally, this gives YouTube the option to review alternative ad formats or ad lengths and choose whether to remove or decrease them. It is also important to note that Creators aren’t compensated for the commercials on their videos if the viewer skips them – and it only makes sense to eliminate that ad type.

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