New Look For Android YouTube App – A Progress Bar

YouTube app users on Android devices have observed an important and very much required change. The change involves the presence of a Progress Bar on the video player of the most famous video streaming service across the world. This came right after the news on the Video Queue feature being tested on Android.

What Is The New Progress Bar On YouTube?

Progress Bar On YouTube

The progress indicator on the video player when in Dark mode has changed, as some Android Phone owners who use the YouTube app may have already observed. A line will show underneath the video when streaming content in portrait mode. The bar indicates how much of a video has loaded and slides to the right as a video plays. The progress bar is typically red, however certain Android users now see a white or gray progress bar in place of red.

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How Does The Progress Bar Function On YouTube App?

Progress Bar Function-min

Users with the progress bar update will not be able to see the second indicator now. The portion of the line that indicates how much of a specific video has been loaded onto the app while the white/gray progress bar is visible. Scrubbing (moving forward or backward along a line) will restore the red hue, as will touching on the video to restore the controls. The progress bar will once more indicate how much of the selected video has been loaded when it changes back to its original red color.

When viewing in landscape mode, the progress bar is hidden until you tap the screen, at which point it will appear briefly. The landscape’s progress bar is currently red and hasn’t been altered for now. Once more, we must highlight that only while you are viewing YouTube in Dark mode will the progress bar’s color change in portrait mode be visible. The progress bar is red in Light mode to help it stand out. It makes sense that a dark background would make a white or grey progress bar easier to notice.

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What Do You Think About New Look For Android YouTube App – A Progress Bar?

If you are not able to see the White/Gray Progress bar yet on your Android then, do not worry. You need to wait for updates related to your particular Android version. Keep your smartphone updated at all times to ensure you enjoy the latest features. Additionally, taking care of the security and privacy of your device.

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