Take Your Windows 10 Sticky Notes With You Everywhere

One of the most beloved features of Windows 10 is Microsoft Sticky Notes. I don’t know about others, but I find it quite useful. With  Sticky Notes, I rest assured that I can jot down important points related to my day to day routine, my thoughts and many other such things. Sticky Notes for Windows 10 is for many of us who just love sticking up notes everywhere be it on the fridge, on the desk or even walls.

While you can easily access Microsoft Sticky Notes on Windows 10 desktop, wouldn’t it be great if we can access these notes onto your mobile device? Also, can we access Sticky Notes on the web as well? The answer to these questions is an absolute yes! And, if you thought, you might have to score a fortune to do so, worry not! We’ve got your back.

Note: As of now, Microsoft Windows Sticky Notes are only available for all Android devices which are running on Android 5.0 and up. Though the same for iOS devices is still under development. If you are an iOS or iPad user, you shall soon be able to download Microsoft Sticky Notes for iOS as well.

How Do Access Sticky Notes On Desktop In Windows 10

You might not be able to see Sticky Notes, the moment your Windows boots up. Let’s put it this way for once you will have to find Sticky Notes. Here’s how you can simply make them pop up on your desktop’s screen –

Step 1

Press the Windows Key or type in “Sticky Notes” in the search bar. For me, it’s easier to press the Windows key and see the cursor blinking in the search bar

Step 2

Just as you type the first two words “st..” you will see Sticky Notes

Step 3

Right-click on it and “pin it to your taskbar”. Every time your Windows would boot up, the Sticky Notes will appear

There you are! You will now be able to work on Sticky Notes.

You can even install it from Microsoft Store if by any chance you don’t see Sticky Notes.

Windows 10 Sticky Notes On Android

Windows 10 Sticky Notes On Android - microsoft sticky notes android

When Microsoft says that you can sync Sticky Notes across all devices, it means it. By following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to install Microsoft Sticky Notes for Android and will be able to access them right from your Android device –

Step 1

Install  Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes on your Android device

Step 2

Log in using your Microsoft account 

Step 3

Navigate through the privacy section by clicking on Next, and choose whether you wish to “Accept and Send Optional Data” or not.

Step 4

Locate “Sticky Notes” at the bottom right

Windows 10 Sticky Notes On Android - Windows sticky notes android

And, that’s it, you can now add new Sticky Notes or even make changes to existing ones through your Android device. Whatever changes you will make on the device will be reflected on the desktop Sticky Notes in Windows.

Windows 10 Sticky Notes On Web

windows sticky notes on the web - microsoft sticky notes

Say, for some reason you don’t have your device or your laptop with you, and you urgently need to refer to those meeting briefs that you had so concisely noted down on the Sticky Notes. What would you do? You can access Microsoft Windows Sticky Notes on the web too.

Have access to cybercafe? There are high chances that you have. All you have got is access to a web browser. So, open a browser and follow the steps mentioned below –


Visit Sticky Notes online. Here you can add multiple Microsoft account 


Log in using your Microsoft ID and Password. The same Sticky Notes that you see on Windows 10 desktop would fire upon the web


You can now add new notes or make changes to the existing ones using the ‘+’ icon located on the upper left

In The End

With our busy daily lives and a plethora of tasks bundled on us, we can find it a little difficult to stay organized. It is Microsoft Sticky Notes and apps like these help you stay organized. It is here that you can take brief notes and act upon them when required. As is quite evident from the steps above, you can now take Windows Sticky Notes from the desktop to any which platform you want.

Do you take the app route to stay focused and organized? If yes, what apps do you use? Also, do let us know if you want us to deploy an app and review it upside down. Believe us! We’ll be more than happy to do so. We often write about such useful apps. Stay tuned and keep reading Systweak Blogs.


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