FIX: Windows 10 shuts Down Instead of Going in Sleep Mode

Is your Windows PC shutting down instead of going into sleep mode? Well, you’re not alone. It is a commonly reported issue on most Windows 10 devices. This issue usually occurs due to misconfigured power settings or outdated IMEI drivers.

In this post, we have listed a variety of troubleshooting hacks that will allow you to get past the “Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep” issue.

But before we discuss the resolutions, let’s get a little understanding of what exactly happens to your PC or laptop when it goes into sleep mode.

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What Happens to PC when in Sleep Mode?

What Happens to PC when in Sleep Mode

As soon as your PC goes into sleep mode, all the background activities are suspended or stay in a stand-by mode as the RAM is placed in a minimum power state. RAM’s minimum power state is sufficient enough to sustain the device back in its normal state. So, most of the users are often confused about whether they should put their device into sleep mode or use shut down instead. Well, yes, it’s a common dilemma!

Ideally, if you are taking quick breaks between work then choosing sleep mode is wise. You can also keep your device in sleep mode for long hours. But every once in a while, it is good to completely shut down your device as it would keep your device’s power state healthy in the long run.

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Windows 10 Shuts Down Instead of Sleep? Here’s the fix!

Here are a few solutions that will allow you to fix the “Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep” issue.

1. Update the IMEI Drivers

If your device is operating on outdated IMEI (Intel Management Engine Interface) drivers, you may experience certain power-related errors or bugs on Windows 10. To update the IMEI drivers, follow these quicks steps:

Press Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box, type “Devmgmt.msc” in the textbox, and hit Enter.

In the Device Manager window, tap on System Devices to expand the section.

Update the IMEI Drivers

Look for “Intel Management Engine Interface” in the list and then right-click on it and tap on “Properties”.

In the Properties window, switch to the Drivers tab and hit the “Uninstall Driver” button.

Exit all windows and then reboot your device.

Intel Management Engine Interface

Once your device restarts, visit this link and download the latest version of IMEI drivers on your PC.

Download Smart Driver Care Utility

Download Smart Driver Care Utility

Manually keeping a check on outdated drivers sounds tedious. Isn’t it? Download and install the Smart Driver care utility tool on your Windows PC so that your system never runs on an outdated/missing/corrupt driver ever again. Smart Driver Care deep scans your device to find outdated and missing system drivers, fetches their latest update, and allows you to update all drivers in just one click.

2. Check the Power Settings

Press the Windows icon placed on the Taskbar, open Settings. Select “System”.

Switch to the “Power and Sleep” section from the left menu pane.

Check the Power Settings

Tap on “Additional Power Settings”.

Additional Power Settings

Tap on “Choose what the Power buttons do” from the left menu pane.

Choose what the Power buttons do

Change the values for When I press the Power button When I Press the Sleep button and When I Close the Lid. Make sure all the values are set to “Sleep”.

system settings

Save the recent changes and close all Windows.

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3. Run Windows Power Troubleshooter

Another effective workaround to fix the “Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep” issue is by running the Windows Power Troubleshooter to resolve underlying glitches.

Open Windows Settings, select “Update and Security”.

Update and Security

Switch to the “Troubleshoot” section from the left menu pane. Tap on “Power”.


Tap on the “Run the Troubleshooter” button to begin the troubleshooting process.

Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully run the Windows Power Troubleshooter on your device. Once you’re done, try switching to Sleep Mode and see whether your PC shuts down or functions normally.

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Here were a few hacks that you can try for fixing the sleep mode malfunction on your Windows PC or laptop. You can use any of these hacks to resolve the “Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep” issue on your own. For any other queries or assistance, feel free to use the comments space?


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