Why Should Students Invest In A PDF Management Tool?

You could be a student in a school, at a university or it could be that you have taken up a course to upskill yourself to take that next leap in your career. A lot of study material that you consume or a lot of assignments that you give and take for evaluation are in the form of PDFs.

Now, about the PDFs that you access daily consider the following common instances that occur in your routine working –

  • You have doubts about a PDF lesson given to you and you feel the need to highlight doubtful sections so that your teacher/ professor/ mentor or another fellow student can help you out.
  • You have to ensure that all your PDF pages are properly aligned. You are also required to merge a few other PDF documents as well.
  • You have found some important statistics related to the research you were doing and you have to now first convert the PDF to Excel or Google Sheets so that you can carry out your interpretation. Once you have made your interpretations, you have to again convert that Excel or Google Sheet to PDF.
  • You and a few other students are working on an assignment and you need to share your PDF with others.

When dealing with such instances, a PDF management tool is something that can increase your productivity around documents. Let’s take the example of Advanced PDF Manager.

What is Advanced PDF Manager and How Can It Be Beneficial?

It is an easy-to-use tool with the help of which you can easily manage the various tasks related to your PDF documents such as merging, splitting, rotating, password protecting, converting PDFs to various formats and vice versa, duplicating PDF pages, etc.

We have discussed all of the above features and many other wonderful aspects of Advanced PDF Manager are covered in this review.

Reasons Why Students Should Invest In A PDF Management Tool?

Printing Assignments Is A Passe’

Imagine having printed an assignment, only to be told that the font is not up to the mark, the alignment needs to be reworked, some facts are missing, and so on.

When the same assignment is in the form of a PDF and if you have a PDF management tool at your disposal, you can easily take care of these things. Most importantly, you won’t have to print the PDF instead you can share it with your teacher and easily rework any changes that they suggest in the future.

Rearrange or Remove Pages

Rearrange or Remove Pages

About the above point, often students have to deal with a scenario where they might have to either rearrange or remove unwanted PDF pages or whole PDF documents. A PDF management tool like Advanced PDF Manager neatly arranges all the pages of the PDF documents. You can enlarge the view of these PDF pages, and rearrange them as per your needs taking the help of the numbers below.

If there are multiple PDF pages that your want to remove, you can easily select those and click on Remove Pages.

Convert PDF Documents To a Variety of File Formats

Convert PDF Documents

One of the best qualities of PDF documents is that they can be converted to a variety of file formats and vice versa. For instance, you could be digging up important statistics in your research assignment or have a PDF document that you need to proofread and make edits into, or maybe you have spent hours and significant efforts in creating a spectacular PowerPoint presentation that you need to convert to PDF. Sounds like something you do on a day-to-day basis, this post will be helpful.

Edit PDF Documents

A PDF document isn’t just something that you only read. You work with it interactively. In several instances, you might feel the need to highlight important sections of the PDF document. Annotate PDF using shapes, text, and other elements. A PDF Management tool can help you do all that. Apart from that with a PDF management tool you can –

  • Reorder pages.
  • Add/ delete pages or even PDFs.
  • Merge or split several PDF pages or documents.
  • Rotate PDF pages or documents.
  • Add page numbers.
  • Duplicate PDF pages.

Password Protect PDFs

Password Protect PDF

Sometimes you might want to encrypt your PDF document with a password so that only the intended person can access it i.e. someone with whom you have shared the password with. To bring things to perspective, let’s say, your mentor or teacher has asked all students to upload their PDFs to a network-attached storage. Since you only want your work to be accessed by the teacher and don’t want other students to copy your work, you can password-protect your PDF document. You can easily install or download Advanced PDF Manager from the button down below.

Use A PDF Management Tool To Stay Organized

PDF management software like Advanced PDF Manager is a nifty tool that packs in everything with which you can make your life easy around PDF documents. So the next time when you are juggling with PDF documents, keep a PDF management tool by your side and see how easy it is for you to deliver impeccable assignments.For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. You can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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