Why Are Software Updates So Important

Looking for an answer for, why are software updates so important? 

You are not alone. 

Several people, just like you, struggle with it due to which they tend to ignore software updates or put them on low priority.




The fact is software updates are very important and we should not ignore them. But we understand this after facing some serious issues as Equifax did.

Fact Check – Do you know, the recent Equifax data breach that potentially affected 143 million was caused due to a known vulnerability in a web application. A fix for this security hole was available, two months before the breach but the company failed to update the software. This was a tough lesson, but enough to learn and understand how important software updates are. 

If this rings a bell and you have been ignoring software updates, keep reading the post to understand why skipping software updates is not right. 

Now coming to the question, why should you keep software updated.

Why Are Software Updates So Important

1. To avoid being a victim to Cyber Threats


To avoid being a victim to Cyber Threats


Cyber threats are no joke, they are real and they reveal sensitive information, putting financial and personal information at risk. The reason behind the success of these threats is that people & even companies fail to update software, thus weakening their cyber protection.

Like the Equifax attack, there are several other incidents where companies have been targeted & the personal information of their clients has been exposed to criminals. The latest of all is an attack on Microsoft Exchange. This all happens because either we fail to press that update button or ignore it thinking it will just consume data. 

The bottom line is if we keep ignoring software and OS updates one day we might lose all our data. So, take things seriously, especially when personal and financial information is at stake. Share the same with your friends and relatives and inform them about the importance of updating software. 

2. To Enjoy The Latest Features


Latest Features


Software updates do not always mean you get security fixes or some bugs are patched. It also means you get to enjoy some extra features. Delaying updates simply means you are not taking full advantage of the money you paid. Also, you are missing out on features that might help save time and increase productivity. So, without judging software updates, as to whether you need to patch the bugs, get some security fixes or not, do update the software. 

It won’t harm you, it will only help to strengthen the security of your system and offer additional features. Furthermore, updates also fix the features that may be slowing down the software. With that said, if you want to make your life easy, start updating all outdated software and stop being a victim to any mishap.

If you are worried about how you can manually update all these software, don’t fret. We have a solution for this too. You don’t have to do anything manually. Simply download the Systweak Software Updater and get going. This software will take care of all the product updates and you will never miss out on another update. 

3. Automate Everything To Stay Updated


Why Are Software Updates So Important


Another way to avoid missing out on software updates is to automatically update your software whenever this option is available. At the same time, you can use the scheduler option offered by Systweak Software Updater. This will help keep things streamlined. 


Systweak Software Updater


Scheduling and automating updates will make updating software less of a nuisance.

Automatic updates aren’t limited to just PCs, if you are a smartphone user, you can automate updates there also. Just use the feature as provided and see things working for you.

4.   Fix Common Windows Issues and Bugs


 Windows Issues and Bugs


To improve system performance keeping operating systems and installed software up-to-date is a must. Yet we forget this common thing and when we get the message of installing an update now or later we all choose Later. 

Doing this pushes you one step away from security and from increasing your productivity. Operating system updates normally contain several bug fixes but it also adds new features. Sometimes you might even see an improvement in battery life after updating the OS. I won’t deny the fact that updates can be glitchy but that’s ok nothing can be perfect unless tried. Just because you fear an update might create some issues, you cannot ignore them. 

More than creating problems, updates generally smoothen systems performance and enhances the Windows experience. So stop judging updated 😉

5. Opens the World Filled With New Features


Software Updates


Windows updates, software updates open up the gates for you to experience new software features. A relatable example is Internet Explorer being replaced with Edge, an excellent browser.  Even if you don’t use the browser, there’s no harm in seeing what a new update is bringing for you because unless you open the locked door how will you know what’s inside. The same is true with software updates unless you download and install them, how can you know what they have for you. 

To enhance security, updating software and keeping Windows updated is a common practice. Most of the time, failing to update software or operating system makes us a victim of an attack. So why wait for another lesson? Why not update software and operating systems right now? 

Keep your systems updated with the latest Updates.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to the question:

Why are software updates so important?

Hopefully, you will not ignore them and will take out some time to update all the software and operating system. We have already discussed the best way to do that. In case you missed it, here you go again, use Systweak Software Updater to keep all the installed software up-to-date. This software updater with a vast database allows updating almost all the installed software. Also, it gives you recommendations for certain necessary software. It is up to you whether you install new software or not but do keep software updated and inform your friends and family about the importance of the same. Doing so could save you from many unforeseen problems. 

If you are interested in getting more cybersecurity information, how to keep your system virus free do visit our blog and follow us on social media. You will get all the information you need. 

Do share your feedback in the comments section. We love to hear from you. 

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