What Is Screen Time Passcode And How To Reap Benefits Of This Feature?

Apple never fails to amaze us with new features and functions, and one such astonishing feature is screen time passcode. It allows the users to check the time spent of a particular app or type of apps. It can be used on multiple devices if using the same iCloud account and this way; you can monitor what your kids are doing on their devices and even set a timer for a particular app in a day. Let us explore the options and learn all about using it, but before that, we must understand what Screen Time passcode in Apple devices is.

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What Is Screen Time Passcode & Its Basic Functions?

Some of the most critical functions of Screen Time passcode are:

Downtime: This function allows you to set a time to keep you from using your phone. When you enable this feature, you can allow a few apps, and by default, you will receive phone calls. All other unimportant apps will cease to function during the Down Time limit. The time duration, along with specific days, can be set.

App Limits: Any app you install on your Apple device will be automatically categorized by Apple into a specific category like Games, Health, Reading, Entertainment etc. Users can then set time limits for a specific category or a particular app. For example, if you set a time limit of one hour for games, then all the gaming apps you run on your device will have a cumulative time of one hour per day only. Beyond that, you will not be able to play any of them.

Communication Limits: Apple allows the users to set communication limits for contact apps like the Phone app, FaceTime and messages.

Once you have configured your Screen Time settings on your device after spending considerable time deciding the time limits, it is essential to lock these settings so that no one can change them.  And that is accomplished by using the screen time passcode in Apple devices.

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How To Set Screen Time Passcode On iPhone And iPad?

Now that you have understood what Screen Time Passcode is and what are the benefits, let us check the steps to set up a Screen Time Passcode on your Apple device:

Step 1: Launch Settings app on the iPhone.


Step 2:Locate Screen Time and tap on it to move inside and then select Set up Screen Time Passcode option.

Screen time

Step 3: Here, you will have to enter four digits twice and make sure to remember them.

Step 4: Apple never misses a chance to verify the user, and here it will ask you to enter your Apple ID username and password.

Passcode Recovery

Step 5: That’s it. Now that the screen time passcode is set, only those who know of it can alter the settings.

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How To Change Screen Time Passcode On Your Apple Device?

If you forgot Screen Time password on your Apple device, then there is no option of retrieving it back.

Step1:  Tap on Settings icon to launch it.

Step 2: Tap on Change Screen Passcode and then, tap on the same option again.

Step 3: Now tap on Forgot Code.


Step 4: Enter the Apple ID credentials set on your device.

Step 5: Now, you can enter a new passcode and enter it again to confirm it.

As you see there is no need to worry if you forgot your screen time password, provide you know your Apple ID credentials. These steps work on all Apple devices running iOS and are the easiest known steps on how to change screen time passcode on Apple devices.

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When To Use Screen Time Passcode On Apple iOS Devices?

The Apple Screen Time Password should not be confused with the Passcode used to unlock the iPhone. That would be a different passcode, and this one would only be used to unlock the Screen Time options and make changes. The Screen Time Passcode will only be verified from the user when the user tries to perform one of the following actions:

  • Change Downtime settings and timings.
  • Alter a specific app limit timing
  • Disable the Share Screen Devices Option.
  • Modify Communication app Limits.
  • Disable any screen time option.

In other situation, like if you have set one hour of game time on your iOS device, then after your hour is over, all the apps under the gaming category will be disabled. However, if you still want to play the game, then you can tap on the greyed-out game icon, and it will ask you to enter the Screen Time passcode and let you play the game.

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How To Use The Screen Time Passcode With Family Sharing?

Family Sharing is another thoughtful feature of Apple which lets you share applications and subscriptions with your family members. This also includes set up Screen Time for a family that allows the family account manager to set up limits on Screen Time of each member connected with the same Apple ID. To manage the settings for Screen Time, use these steps:

Step 1. Tap on Settings app and locate Screen Time.

Screen Time

Step 2. Tap on Set Up Screen Time for Family.

Step 3.  Add your child’s Apple account.

Once added, now you can set how long your kids should use a particular app as well know how they use their device the entire day.

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How To Remove Screen Time Passcode

The final topic deals with how to live a free life without any bounds provided you have self-control and know what you are doing. In simpler words, it is time to remove the Screen Time passcode and use any app as long as you wish to use. For this follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings app and tap on Screen Time Menu.

Step 2: Tap on Change Screen Time Passcode and instead of changing it, locate and select Turn Off Screen Time Passcode option.

Step 3. Enter the current screen passcode, and this feature will turn off.

screen passcode

Your Thoughts On What Is Screen Time Passcode And How To Reap Benefits Of This Feature?

Spending time on your iOS device is great and important, but as they say “too much of anything is bad”. Apple Screen Time passcode feature is truly usefully in setting up limits on various apps and categories. This can aid to control the Screen Time of our kids as well as ourselves. Though, you may have the screen time passcode and would require just entering it to bypass the set time, it would act as a reminder that you have already spent the daily allocated time for the particular app on your device. Follow us on social media – Facebook and YouTube. For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.


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    Camila Saunders
    This is a very helpful feature. I just want to know whether it will help in permanent loss of data if we are not able to recover the passcode?

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Camila, Thank you for your feedback, it matters a lot. I am glad to hear that you liked the article. There will be no loss of data like contacts, files, or apps. And you can always recover the passcode if you know the Apple ID. If there is something that you can lose is the time you spent on setting the screen limit for each app as you might have to do it all over again.

      4 years ago
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    christy Latham
    Now i get to know about it thanks for sharing.

    4 years ago
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      Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Christy, Thank you for your feedback, it matters a lot. I am glad to hear that you liked the article. To stay updated and get more articles like this do subscribe to our notifications and follow us on social media.

      4 years ago

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