What Is HDR Or High Dynamic Range And How To Apply It To Your Photos?

Have you ever tried to take a photo in high contrast mode and applied all the right settings and angles and failed in getting the desired results? If yes, then it must be frustrating, right? But you certainly do not need to beat yourself up as even with all right angles and settings, the outcome can disappoint you. But not anymore as you can now resolve this issue by using High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing. Well, you might be thinking what is HDR and how it works?

Don’t worry, read on to quench your curiosity.

What Is HDR?

HDR vs Non HDR

The term HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an old photography practice which focuses to add more “dynamic range” to photographs, where dynamic range is the proportion of light to dark in a photograph.

Once the subject in point exceeds the camera’s dynamic range, the highlights tend to wash out to white. It is very difficult to click an image that captures the spectrum from both ends, but now with Advanced post-processing software, photographers have found a way to make it happen. With HDR, you can get that specific style of photo with an extraordinary high dynamic range which not possible to get otherwise.

In other words, HDR is a stunningly beautiful facsimile of a photo. Now you know what is HDR and let’s know how it works!

How HDR Works?

You can get HDR by clicking three to nine photos in different lighting and mashing them together with the help of an advanced software to get the perfect picture.  In terms of photography, a photographer takes a couple of pictures of the same subject with different shutter speed and aperture combinations to get images of different depth of field and different range of brightness. Then with the help of advanced photographic tools, a photographer then merges all the photos that get a perfect shot with perfect lightning and most focused parts of the image.

How To Apply HDR To Your Photos?

To get the desirable stunning photos, you need to get a few things:

A Camera


You need to have a camera with Auto Exposure bracketing function (AEB). Well, AEB is not necessary to get, if you know how to set your camera’s settings manually every time you capture your subject. However, this could increase the chances of getting blurry or unclear photos.

A tripod

camera tripod

A tripod definitely helps you to stabilize your camera’s position. You can also use your hand to click the picture. However, you might face issues while aligning the camera positions and it may increase the risk of ruining the outcome. Though you can overcome the alignment issues with an HDR software, it is always better to get a tripod for a stable image.

An HDR Software

HDR Effect

HDR software is must if you looking forward to making every shot of yours a best one. There are a number of software available to blend and mash images to get HDR effects in your photographs. You can use HDR Effect developed by Systweak to get the best reproduction of an image. With HDR Effect tool, you can tone your photos and make them look awesomely stunning, whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

Now you know what do you need to get HDR images. We have also listed some of the tips to get better shots:

  • While clicking a photo, you need to keep your hands and camera still.
  • You need to keep an eye that subject that you are shooting should have a large, noticeable contrast between light and dark region. It will help you get HDR images.
  • You need to make sure that your memory card has enough space so that you can shoot the images in RAW formats. Capturing images in RAW is better for quality and will not miss out the details of the image. Get a class 6 or 10 SD card as they have fast minimum write speeds and will make the processing of photos in RAW format fast after capturing.

So, these are the tips and ways to get HDR images in no time. Try them and get yourself beautiful HDR images.

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