What is Browser Cache? What is it Made of and Everything to Know!

Your Internet has stopped working.”

Well, this tiny statement is enough to make our heart drop a beat—nothing but a nightmare. We spend our majority of time browsing the Internet; it’s like our go-to place to explore the world. From checking emails to shopping online to connecting with friends, life without the Internet is simply a humdrum routine. 

In this post, we will be learning all about what is browser cache, what does it comprise of, why is it essential to deal with browser cache and everything else to get the most of our browsing experience.

Let’s get started. 

What is Browser Cache

What is Browser Cache
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System responding too slow? Clear cache. Browser not working? Clear Cache, cookies and browsing data. Yes, you may have heard about this magical solution from various tech experts. But what exactly is browser cache, and why is it important to deal with it? 

Well, you’ve all heard about the term “cache”, right? Cache memory is a crucial part of the system, more like a temporary storage location that stores copies of data which we need to access frequently. Cache memory is often tagged as a high-speed memory because the system quickly fetches and retrieves this data whenever needed. 

browser sache
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So, browser cache also works on the same concept. Browser cache is temporary storage reserved by a web browser that is used to store elements like images, website logo, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When all of this data is stored in the browser cache memory, websites load faster and display quick response time. Whenever you visit a website, your browser tends to store this information locally as a Blueprint of site data. 

Why is Caching Important

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Say, you visit a new website for the very first time on your device. Doesn’t it take too much time to load? On the other hand, other websites that you frequently access like Google, Gmail, etc., load in a blink of an eye. So, yes, caching is important to improve your browsing speed and overall surfing experience. 

Will Deleting the Browser Cache Make Things “Slow”?

Will Deleting the Browser Cache Make Things “Slow”?
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Well, it’s quite debatable. On one hand, you may have experts invariably quote about deleting the browsing cache, data, cookies as soon as your browser starts responding slow. And on the contrary, we’ve also been hearing that if you delete the browser cache, websites will take time to load and respond. 

What needs to be done with browser cache? Stuck in a catch-22 situation!


whats next
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Unlike any other memory, your browser cache’s space is also limited. And, as we tend to spend a lot of time on a web browser, this space starts getting occupied with lots and lot of data. But you don’t want to keep this information forever, right? 

So, if you clear the browser cache, nothing significant will happen, and you won’t lose anything. It’s just that, next time when you launch a website, your browser will download fresh copies of data to store in the browser cache and start afresh. 

Final Call

Deleting a browser cache is important, but you don’t have to do it regularly. Doing it every fortnight or once a month is also fine unless you’re facing any other browser-related issues. We hope we’ve cleared all your doubts on what is browser cache, and why is it important to deal with it. 

Before you leave, don’t forget to check out quick tips to clear cache and cookies on Google Chrome to improve your browsing experience.

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