What Are RATs (Remote Access Trojan) & How To Defend Your PC?

Scammers are constantly updating their toolkits with the intention of spreading infections on your PC and controlling your device remotely. These bad actors often use these tools to steal information covertly in the background, lock you out of your data, or demand a ransom. Understanding and protecting against malware types like RATs (Remote Access Trojans), rootkits, and ransomware  are simple to comprehend and guard against. Just a little awareness is needed!

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How Do Remote Access Trojan Function On Your PC?

Remote Access Trojan

Understanding a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is not as complicated as it may seem. The meaning of a RAT is in its words.

Remote:  It refers to someone or a group operating from a distance rather than physically using your computer or gadget.

Access: RATs provide hackers with access to your software and data.

Trojan: They likely infiltrated  your device by disguising themselves within a trustworthy object.

A RAT that infiltrates your device provides a hacker with access similar to your own, grating them visibility into your activities.  They can browse, copy files, steal browsing and personal information, and even run programs that give them access to your webcam or location information. Like ancient infestations, RATs are being spread by pirate ships carrying illegally obtained software and entertainment. Being a little suspicious about what you let on your device is never a bad thing.

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How To Protect Your Computer From Remote Access Trojans (RATs)?

Rats in your pc

Precaution # 1: Download From Trusted Sources Only


The first method to prevent a RAT from entering our system is to download apps and games from legit sources like Microsoft Store. All the content from Microsoft is safe and malware free. The same goes with OEM driver websites, Steam and other gaming platforms. Do not venture out to strange websites in search for free apps and stuff, as they may contain the malware that may acts as a RAT on your PC.

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Precaution # 2: Update Windows And Apps

Update windows

Updates are bug and vulnerability patches that will fix issues with your Windows OS and other apps. Hence it is recommended to regularly check for updates using the Windows Settings and Microsoft Store.

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Precaution # 3: Use A Real-Time Antivirus

Even if you take all the recommended precautions there are still chances that your computer might still get infected through unknown downloads via emails, or copying of files from an external disk. In this case you must have a real-time antivirus installed on your computer to protect your PC against malware 24/7. You may use any antivirus software that can detect different types of malware and works in the background without consuming a lot of  resources on your PC.

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Bonus: Use T9 Antivirus To Constantly Monitor Your PC

Systweak antivirus

The T9 antivirus app is an amazing Real-Time antivirus that keeps a watch on your PC at all times and provides 360-degree protection. Here are a few features that make this antivirus as one of the best in the world today:

●     Exploit Protection:  It removes exploit points from your PC, such as malicious Trojan files or harmful online addresses.

●     Firewall Defense: Block dangerous programs or attackers from accessing the network and data before any potential harm is done.

●     Web Protection: It helps secures inbound and outgoing traffic to prevent phishing websites from being visited.

●     Startup Manager: System performance is negatively impacted by infected launch  items and apps; use Startup Manager to swiftly identify such apps and remove them.

●     Optimizer & Shredder for PC: To achieve faster load times, delete unnecessary and unused files from your computer. For complete privacy and protection, use Shredder to completely wipe sensitive data and render it unrecoverable.

●     Stop All Ads: Block these annoying advertising with the Stop All advertising browser plugin.

Don’t Let Hackers Take Over Your PC: A Guide to Defending Against RATs

Although there are various types of malware which may be frightening, they are simple to understand with a bit of practice. Having good online habits, keeping your system updated, and exercising security precautions whenever you connect any gadget to the Internet are more crucial than learning their names. In this ever changing digital environment, remember to stay curious, informed, and most importantly, secure.

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