7 Quick Ways To Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Issues

Probably, if you are here reading this blog, you or someone you know might be facing the most common PS4 controller not charging issue.

The problem starts suddenly, and there’s no specific reason for it. It happens so; your perfectly fine working DualShock 4 controller might go dead with no lights. USB might seem just right, yet the device won’t work.

These PS4 controller issues can occur due to several reasons; however, the most common are a USB cable, batteries, untidy charging slot, etc.

Here in this article, we will talk about the fixes that will help fix the PS4 controller not syncing issues. This means that instead of planning to buy a device, you can resolve the charging issues by troubleshooting the problem.

To troubleshoot, the PS4 controller issues here’s what you need to do.

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Now, let’s learn easy and quick ways to resolve PS4 controller syncing issues.

7 Simple Ways to Troubleshoot PS4 Controller Not Charging

If you use PS4 Controller with the charging cable, the PS4 controller not charging is a common problem. According to various reports, suddenly the controller’s front light goes off, and the problem occurs.

To fix this problem, here are the 7 accessible and easy to follow methods. Try the step by step to fix the charging issues with the PS4 controller and get back to gaming:

1. Plug into a different port or laptop for charging

If the charging port to which your controller is connected has any problem, you might face a PS4 controller not syncing issue. To resolve it try connecting it to a different port or laptop for charging.

2. Perform PS4 Power Cycling

There are certain reasons for the “PS4 controller won’t charge” issue. Out of which PS4 controller is in an error state is one. To resolve this you’ll need to perform a power cycle.

Step 1. Power off both controller and PS4 console

Step 2. Next, detach the wire from the main power supply and wait for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3. Afterward, for 30 seconds hold the PS4 power button and wait for the leftover battery to drain.

Step 3. Reconnect both controller and PS 4 console.

This should solve the PS4 controller charging issue.

3. Try using a different charging cable or charge another device using the same USB cablecharging cable, ps4 controller issues

A bad charging cable or port on your PS4 can prevent the controller from charging. To get to the root cause of power failure, try charging the controller using a different cable. If this works, then the cable is faulty.

If not, try charging a different device with the same cable, if it works it means you are not using the right USB cable to charge the controller.

Note: Some USB cables have the same connectors, yet their specs are different. Due to this, PS4 controllers don’t work with a third-party USB cable. Therefore, to resolve PS4 controllers not charging issues use an official USB charging cable. In case the original cable is misplaced, buy one from Sony’s official store.

4. Clean Charging portclean charging port, ps4 controller not syncing

Sometimes due to dust or grit, the power flow is blocked; hence you face PS4 controller syncing issues. To clean this dust, use compressed air and then clean it with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a soft brush to clean the charging port.

5. Charge PS4 controller upside down

To resolve the controller not charging problem by charging the controller upside down. This might sound weird, but it works. Just give it a shot and see if it works.
Put your PS4 controller upside down and charge it.

6. Reset your controllerreset controller, ps4 controller not charging
reset controller with toothpick pin, resetting the controller

If none of the solutions works, try resetting the controller. For this, you can use a toothpick or bobby pin.

Go to the back of your PS4 controller here you will see a small hole use a toothpick or bobby pin, to press it and hold it for five seconds. This will do the trick.

7. Replace PS4 controller batteriesreplace ps4 controller batteries, resolve the PS4 controller not charging issue

Even after resetting the PS4 controller if it is still not charging and you are facing issues with the PS4 controller before visiting the service center try this last solution.

If you have not used a PS4 controller for long or have been using it for long, then in both cases batteries can drain out. So, try recharging or replacing them and see if this works.

Note: You can change the PS4 batteries without worrying about warranty as it will not affect it.

However, if the controller is still not charging, check if your device is still under warranty.

If so, head to the store you might get a replacement or they swap the hardware, without you needing to buy a new PS4 controller.

Alternatively, you can give a call to Sony, ask about the warranty, and see what’s covered. However, if nothing works your DualShock controller needs to be replaced.

We hope using these steps you will be able to resolve the PS4 controller not charging issue.

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