Want To Hide Photos On iPhone? Here’s How!

You might carry a great photo collection in your iPhone but some of them might be quite sensitive to leave around open in the gallery. But in case if you don’t want to delete it and memorize a great time once again, it’s best to hide these photos in a safe vault. Moreover, this vault should also remain password protected, and it is only and only you who can grant permission of its access.

Do not worry about passing the phone in other hands now as these photos stay hidden with use of a photo hiding app as well as in-built features of the iPhone itself.

Method 1: Using ‘Keep Photos Secret’

This powerful photo hiding app makes sure that your captured moments remain safe and secure not only from onlookers but also from cybercriminals. You have the option to either set a 4-digit pin or own fingerprint.

Keep Photos Secret’

Why use ‘Keep Photos Secret’?

  • Deletes the transferred photos from the library itself.
  • Lets you form individual albums which can also be protected by a password.
  • Setup password recovery at the beginning whose details will be mailed in case you forget. However, you can change the password later as well.

Method 2: Hide Using Photos App

To hide it, you don’t need any third-party app. All you have to do is to select a particular photo/photos and mark ‘Hide’.

Hide Using Photos App

To access the knowledge about how to hide and unhide them, open How to Conceal Pictures & Videos On Your iPhone?

Method 3: Using Notes App

If you have doubts that someone may see hidden pictures using the Photos app, another alternative brings you close to Notes app. Now the question comes how to hide photos in iPhone using it, read below.

Step 1: Select the photos to be kept secret and tap on Share icon.

Step 2: Select ‘Add to Notes’ from the pop-up. Choose the existing folder or note or create a new one. Once all these photos are saved in Notes, delete them from Media roll.

Step 3: Open the Notes app next, swipe left the particular note and tap on the lock icon.

Step 4: As you tap the Lock, it will ask you to create a password. Either enter the password or use Touch or Face ID to conceal them all.

And it’s done! However, keep in mind that none of your live photos can be taken in by Notes app

Using Notes App

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Method 4: Using iWorks Apps

This method can be applied in Keynote, Numbers or Pages in pretty much the same way. However, the quality of the hidden image will not remain the same. To do the same, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Keynote and tap on ‘+’ icon to import the image.

Step 2: Tap on top right (3-dots) icon to pull down the options. Here, select ‘Set Password’ to hide the picture.

Step 3: Create a password, verify it and add a hint.

Using iWorks Apps

Now you will be able to access the document only by entering the password, keeping the documents safe and secure.

Though the method is not well-recommended due to low quality, it is one of the best ways to hide the app using the in-built tool.

A Safe Conclusion

We recommended you install Keep Photos Secret in your phone as it is one of the best photo locking apps. Other than that, iPhone itself offers in-built features to hide them, but if you tend to get baffled with so many folders in phone, a third-party app will do justice to all. Now you can keep your memories safe in a separate vault and stay tension free from prying eyes.

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