How To Conceal Pictures & Videos On Your iPhone

Who doesn’t like clicking memories? Don’t we all love capturing our happy moments in the form of pictures and videos? Not just that, we also enjoy sharing these pictures with our friends and family.

Yet! at the end of the day we are particular about which photos and videos can be shared and which are better stashed away for personal view only. The reason could be badly clicked pics or some memories that you would not want others to be privy to. These are the pictures you want to keep secret and wish you would have a vault to hide them from others.

While there are ample apps to accomplish this task, but did you know iPhone users don’t really need to install any third-party app to do this for them.

Apple for its iPhone users has already given this option to hide those pictures you want to keep away from others viewing them.

So, keep your secret images safe, learn how to conceal pictures and videos on your iPhone.

Choose the Content to Hide

  1. Launch Photos app and then choose the pictures you wish to hide.
  2. For single picture or video simply select it, preview and finally click on the share sheet icon. In case of multiple pictures and videos, you need to select all of them first.

Hide the Chosen Content

  1. Once the selection has been made, scroll down the list of activities to locate Hide button and click on it.
    Hide the Chosen Content 1
  2. Once you tap on the Hide button, choose between “Hide Photo” (or Hide # Photos for more than one), “Hide Video” (or Hide # Videos for more than one), “Hide # Items”(for videos and pictures both).
    Hide the Chosen Content 2

Find the Hidden Content

Now that you have kept your pictures and videos secret, you may need to access them at times. For this:

  1. Launch Photos App.
  2. From the Albums, scroll and look for an album named Hidden.
    Find the Hidden Content 2

If there are pictures taken from third-party apps and have been hidden, they too will be present in the Hidden Folder.

Note: In case of synchronization, the hidden pictures will be removed from all the synced devices.

Unhide the Hidden Content

In case you want to unhide the hidden pictures or videos:

  1. Navigate to the Hidden Folder.
  2. Choose the photos and videos you wish to unhide and then click on Unhide button.
    Unhide the Hidden Content 2

This will unhide the hidden pictures or videos.

So, guys wasn’t that easy? Hide the content, you don’t want to show and easily avoid others interference in your personal life. Learn how to conceal pictures and videos on your iPhone and safeguard your data.

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