Here’s How Virtual Number For WhatsApp Really Works

Virtual Numbers have become a significant factor for corporations. They effectively use virtual numbers to maintain global communication with clients and vendors. But over the past few years, the corporate authorities have turned to instant messaging for dealing with their clients. This allows them to cater more than one client at a time and maintain an effective cross-communication with vendors at the same time. And since we’re talking about instant messaging, WhatsApp would obviously be a part of the talk.

WhatsApp Business

After the launch of WhatsApp for Business, the chat platform has become a great source of promoting businesses and communicating with the client. However, corporations making global sales do not prefer to use and share actual phone numbers with the client. Hence what they need is a virtual phone number for WhatsApp.
So, here is a guideline how you can activate a virtual number for WhatsApp and for what purposes you can use it:

How to Get Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Getting a virtual number for WhatsApp is too easy. You can use any virtual phone number providers and get a regular number on them. In fact, that same provider’s app is used to further activate that virtual number for WhatsApp.

Virtual Global Communication
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There are many virtual number providers that provide you phone numbers compatible with WhatsApp business account. What you need to ensure is that you get a mobile virtual number rather than a local virtual number if you wish to further activate it on WhatsApp. Only mobile virtual numbers would provide you with that mobility so that you can make your deals on the go.

You can get a glimpse of some of the apps that offer virtual phone number services here.

Activate Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Here, we’re going to use an app called CallHippo to activate a virtual number for WhatsApp. CallHippo is also a virtual number provider, so first, you get the number for yourself and then move ahead with the procedure below.

Step 1: Once you’ve purchased the number, start registering on WhatsApp using the virtual phone number you purchased.

Step 2: When ‘ve entered the country and your phone number, you’ll recieve a verification code. This code would not be received on your phone but would be received on your concerned virtual phone number provider’s app.

registering virtual no. for whatsapp
Image Source: CallHippo

Step 3: Enter that verification code, and you’ll be set to use your new virtual no. on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp virtual no. registration
Image Source: CallHippo

That was a quite simple 3-step procedure. Any app you use to get the virtual phone number would cater to you with the same procedure. All that matters is the verification code, which you’ll receive on the provider’s app.

Why Use Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an integral source of catering clients on text messages. In fact, corporations use WhatsApp to send real-time updates in regard to the progress of the client’s work. Here’s how you can benefit from it:

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  • One of the significant use of WhatsApp with virtual number is to offer active support to clients over chat. You can’t handle more than one call at once, but with WhatsApp, you’d be able to cater to more than one client’s problems.
  • WhatsApp calls and chats over a virtual number can increase a company’s marketing reach as well. The clients can be sent details of new offerings, discounts, and line of products over WhatsApp chats.
  • WhatsApp is way more economical in comparison to other IVR services. So, it is the best resort for small and medium scale businesses.

Using virtual numbers for WhatsApp is not very common, and some also believe that such a service isn’t available. But that’s not true. You can not only avail of virtual numbers for WhatsApp but also use it for global communication for business purposes. It’s not just economical, but it would also differentiate you from your rivals in terms of dealing with your clients and vendors.

Business these days is entirely dependent on cloud telephony and transferring that over WhatsApp chat is the next step. Not all businesses can afford an IVR-based multi-channel platform. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go global with your business.

Get a virtual number for WhatsApp now and start increasing your client engagement.

Let us know of the apps and services you use to get virtual numbers. And if you’ve used virtual number on WhatsApp, do let us know your experience in the comments.

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