Switching To A New Device? Transfer Google Authenticator To Your New Phone Should Be Your Job One!

Undoubtedly, Google Authenticator is one of the most popular two-step verification services around. With the authentication solution, you need to complete two-step process in order to log into your personal accounts. Chances are, if you’ve ever used a Google Authenticator, you might want to transfer it to your new phone.

The process is quite straightforward & is equally important like transferring your favorite apps, moving contacts, syncing email accounts & copying calendar entries. Well, after all, Google Authenticator is an essential app that holds all your two-factor codes.

Keep reading to find the step by step method to move Google Authenticator to the new phone:

How To Transfer Google Authenticator To A New Phone?

The process is relatively easy; you can implement the method step by step to move Google Authenticator to the new phone:

STEP 1- Download & Install the Google Authenticator app on your new smartphone.

STEP 2- Go to your system & head towards Google Authenticator webpage, where you might need to log in with your account (if you aren’t already).

STEP 3- Once you get logged in, scroll down and look for the Get Started button.

STEP 4- Find the option that says, “Authenticator App” & click on the Change Phone option. It looks like the button mentioned in the screenshot below.
Google Authenticator

STEP 5- Now depending on your OS, select either Android or iPhone.
Android or iPhone

STEP 6- On the next window, you’ll be displayed a QR Code that you need to get scanned on your new smartphone.

STEP 7- On your new device, simply launch the Google Authenticator app & tap on the Begin Setup option & further hit the Scan Barcode button.

STEP 8- Simply shoot your Camera at your system’s screen & scan the barcode. Click Next to move forward!
scan the barcode

STEP 9- On the next screen, enter the six-digit code that you have received on your new smartphone & hit Verify button to complete the process.

You can delete each service from your old device & then uninstall the app!

Bonus: How To Move Other Popular Two-Factor Authenticator To A New Phone?

Well, if you are using a two-step verification service other than Google Authenticator, like Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass or Authy, here are the steps below to transfer them to your new phone.

Microsoft Authenticator: Move Authentication To A New Phone

STEP 1- On your PC, Log in to your Microsoft account, find Security & click on More security options.

STEP 2- Choose ‘Set up identity verification app” > ‘Set up different verification app’. As soon as you do this, a barcode should appear on your screen.

STEP 3- Install Microsoft Authenticator app on your new smartphone, if you haven’t already. Scan the barcode, displayed on your computer screen.

STEP 4- Enter the same code that appears on your PC.

STEP 5- Now, you need to manually add each service on your new device, for which you use the Microsoft Authenticator, two-step verification service.

Start deleting the services from the app & successfully uninstall the app on your old mobile.

LastPass Authenticator: Transfer Authentication To A New Phone

STEP 1- On the old device, launch the LastPass Authenticator, a two-step verification app.

STEP 2- Tap on the three horizontal line icon & enable the Backup to LastPass option.

STEP 3- One the authentication app backs up, simply switch to your new device & install the LastPass Authenticator app & log in.

STEP 4- Now launch the app & locate the option “Restore from backup”.

STEP 5- Delete the LastPass Authenticator app from your old smartphone!

That’s all! The authenticator service would be moved to a new phone successfully!

Authy: Move Authentication To A New Phone

STEP 1- On your old device, head towards Settings > Device tab & “Allow multi-device” option.

STEP 2- On your new smartphone, install the Authy app, if you haven’t already. Verify your account either using your old device, by call or through SMS.

STEP 3- Choose ‘Use Existence Device’ if the option is available > tap on the pop-up window on the old phone & approve it to move further.

STEP 4- Authy accounts will now appear with a red padlock. You can unlock each account by tapping the red padlock & entering your Authy password.

Uninstall Authy, the two-step verification app from your old device!

Bottom Line

Google Authenticator & alternative apps are important to add an extra layer of security to your accounts. The aforementioned method makes it easy to transfer Google Authenticator to new phone & other verification services.

Do you know an easier method to move Google Authenticator to a new phone? Have questions related to the whole process? Drop them in the comment section below!

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