Top Car buying Apps for iOS and Android Users In 2023

While it is always advisable to buy a new car, due to budget constraints, or for learning purposes, one tends to prefer second hand or used cars. But, the visit to a car dealership makes one vary. That is because of car salesmen. They are after all, one of the most distrusted of professions. Eliminating their interference is a crucial factor that needs to be addressed while choosing a car for oneself. For that reason, here is a comprehensive list of best car-buying apps for iOS and Android users.

Best Car Buying Apps For Android and iPhone

Mentioned below are the top apps that suit both Android and iOS users equally. They all offer the users comprehensive listings and pricing.

1. TrueCar:

TrueCar- car buying app

 iOS: Download

Android: Download

Number one on our list for the best car buying apps, is TrueCar. This application gives the potential car buyer all the details that they require to make the best possible choice. Connected to a network of 13,000 Certified Car Dealers, all over the US. It offers proper transparency in the pricing of the cars that are listed on its site. Its key features are:

  • Multiple deals available to the app users
  • Offers guaranteed savings with MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)
  • iPhone X optimizations help have a better user experience
  • Helps compare prices between dealers in one’s area.
  • One can coordinate a visit with the car dealer representatives for a test drive or to address any queries.

2. Auto Trader: 

Auto Trader

iOS: Download

Android: Download

Next on our list is Auto Trader. One of the most unique features it offers the user is saving a car that they like on the application. Under their ‘My AutoTrader’ account, they can browse through hundreds of apps and then save them for future browsing. This way, they get first dibs at the cars that are on display. Talk about being a priority customer.  Furthermore, the app users also get a free vehicle history report. This feature is available on all the cars along with their pricing and reviews. Its additional features are:

  • Comprehensive and detailed vehicle information
  • Has a separate site for classic cars –
  • Filters details under the category of transmission, car color, price, model, fuel consumption, engine, and even transmission.
  • One can choose from used, new and certified pre-owned cars for sale.

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3. Insta Motor:

Insta Motor- car buying app

iOS: Download

Unlike the other apps that are featured in this list, InstaMotor is a little different. Similar in structure to Craigslist it can be explained as a private marketplace where one’s details are kept secure and make the entire process simple, highly transparent and personalized to suit the buyer’s needs. It extensively screens all the cars for fraud and scams so that the potential buyer is not duped. Its other key features are:

  • Qualifies a buyer for a car loan within minutes.
  • Checks the cars for any manufacturer recall.
  • Offers the users a visual breakdown of each car’s special features
  • Provides the app users with vehicle history report by Experian AutoCheck

4. Car Buying by Kelley Blue Book

Car Buying by Kelley Blue Book

Out of the blue comes this app that is not only a renowned name in the auto industry but also has in depth knowledge of all the cars that are listed here. Car Buying by Kelley Blue Book is a brand that commands trust. The key features of this app are:

  • Finding a certified dealer near your location.
  • Compare prices of cars listed with other dealerships
  • Offers buyers car pictures and in-depth videos.

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5. Wyper:


Halfway through our list of the best car buying apps, comes Wyper. Offering cars that are classics to electricals, Wyper has a whole range of cars at its disposal. It offers the basic features like all other car selling apps, but what makes it unique from the rest is you can search for cars on sale with a simple swipe. All one needs to do is swipe right to get more details of the car. Additional features are:

  • Offers the users an anonymous communication
  • Uses high end Machine learning to help identify car value and its many features.
  • The vastest single database of second hand cars for sale
  • Simplest user interface.

6. Auto List:

Auto List- car buying app

Boasting to be the highest rated automotive search app on the iOS app store, Auto List sure has earned this laurel. With 100s of filters ranging from car price, engine mileage, its transmission power amongst others. This app has further features that are mentioned below:

  • Detailed photographs available for all the cars that are featured.
  • Gives price change updates to the app users
  • Comprehensive list of car details and its functionality

7. Car Max:

Car Max-car buying appOne of the top app for all those who are interested in the world of car purchasing. CarMax actually offers its users the maximum number of features.  Its application has the complete inventory of the 40,000 cars that are listed under CarMax. And it doesn’t just stop there. It also provides the users with details of the car parts and the many features that they boast of. The many additional features that they provide their users are:

  • Helps the buyer in calculating the payment while establishing its affordability and overall MPG savings
  • Offers the vehicle’s history report to maintain transparency.
  • Allows the user to have an EMI payment method.

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8. Edmunds: 

Edmunds-car buying app

This application is perfect for those who do not want to get involved in the petty haggling of determining a car’s price. As it happens with most used cars, there is always a sense of skepticism when a price quote is mentioned by a dealer. Hence, with Edmund’s one needs to rest easy at it offers the potential buyer the best car pricing. Its other key features are:

  • True Market Value (TMV®) with which one is confident that they are not being taken for a ride.
  • An in-app payment calculator helps a buyer get the best deals, earn incentives or available rebates.
  • Calculate the EMI before paying even the first instalment.

9. 5 Miles:

5 Miles- car buying app

Even though it doesn’t cater specifically to cars, this application is probably one of the best car buying apps available in the market. This application is easy to use and offers an elite range of cars and car products for sale. Its additional features are:

  • In order to reduce spam and fraud messages and calls, it offers phone number verification. This way only registered buyers can contact the seller.
  • Removes commercialization with its easy to find, local listings.
  • Provides Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL) feature. With it, one can meet up with the seller at a secure meetup spot

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10. Used Car Search Pro- iSeeCars

Used Car Search Pro- iSeeCars

Wrapping up our list of the best car buying apps is humbly named, ‘Used Car Search Pro’. It delivers much more than its name. It has more than 4 Million cars and trucks to choose from. Furthermore, over 59 different filters with which one can choose the perfect car for themselves. Its additional features are:

  • Multiple offers on cars. Styles ranging from elite luxury to SUVs to trucks and saloon cars.
  • Costs range from $10,000 for the almost new ones to $5,000 for trucks.
  • Notifies interested buyers via email if there are any additional offers or features that are being provided.
  • Similarly, an email is sent out if the car price drops or a similar vehicle has entered their market.

Wrapping up:

There you have it folks! The best car buying apps for smartphone users. With this list, you are sure to find the perfect ride. Happy cruising!

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