Top 6 Alternatives To Ubuntu Linux

It’s impossible for a Linux user to not hear about Ubuntu, the most popular Linux-based operating system. Ubuntu began with a bang when it was launched in 2004. Soon, it changed Linux’s image from being an unhandy operating system to an easy-to-use OS and a true alternative to Windows in every meaning.

However, time changed and now there are many Linux distributions that can replace Ubuntu. In this article, we are going to list 6 best Linux distros that are great Ubuntu alternatives.

Howbeit, we can’t ignore important notions like the need to switch to another Linux distribution.

Isn’t Ubuntu the best Linux OS?

Well, it’s not necessary that every person has similar preferences when it comes to using an operating system. There are many reasons you might dislike the Ubuntu experience. For example, you may have issues with the user interface or customization in Ubuntu. Maybe your hardware is not able to support Ubuntu or you just want more control over your operating system than what Ubuntu offers currently. In all cases, this list is going to tell you the perfect ubuntu alternative that you can run on your PC.

This article provides a variety of options on the basis of various tastes of users. You will be able to see different OS that are lightweight, some have classy Mac-like interfaces, are highly customizable and aren’t a descendant of Ubuntu.

6 Best Ubuntu Alternatives: –

Here are 6 efficient alternatives to Ubuntu. You can choose any of them according to your preferences. Read On!



Debian is the second oldest Linux distribution, which is still being actively developed. There are strict regulations that are followed by Debian architectures while they develop new versions. Ubuntu is also a Debian-based Linux operating system. But the problem with ubuntu is that it uses unstable repositories of Debian and develops them to remove bugs if any. Therefore, there are chances things could go wrong. However, Debian is a very stable operating system that has minimal restrictions for its users. Debian runs practically everywhere.

Moreover, Debian is available in different architectures. It also has a FreeBSD kernel variant.

Therefore, if you like working with Linux, you will surely love Debian. Try out both versions- testing and stable to choose which you prefer. Click here to download Debian

Elementary OS

elementry OS

Elementary OS is one of the most best Linux distro you will ever come across. It will just look beautiful on your desktop. Elementary UI is created to pixel precision. Users who are awe-struck by the aesthetics of macOS will definitely fall for Elementary OS. The software is inspired by Ubuntu OS but the applications included in the operating system make it different from Ubuntu. Moreover, the OS is very lightweight, which improves its performance.

Now who will like to use Elementary OS? Anyone who wants a beautiful and stylish operating system on their desktop can use Elementary OS. Although it may lack some features that you could find in other Linux distributions in the list, you can go for the above-mentioned reasons. Click here to download Elementary OS.

Puppy Linux

Puppy linux
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Puppy Linux can be a great Ubuntu alternative for people who love portable software. Puppy Linux OS is a portable OS that can be installed with the help of a USB drive. As it is lightweight operating system, it does not need a hard drive and just uses a little more than 100MB in the storage device. However, it’s installation process is not simple and sometimes it encounters minor glitches while connecting to Internet. Thus, there are certain other utilities and applications that can support Puppy Linux. The programs in the operating system are named in an interesting way such as Joe’s Windows Manager and “Barry’s Network Setup. As the users were provided with the option to create personal versions, there are different versions of the OS available online.

There are two main different versions of Puppy Linux. They are the Ubuntu version and Slackware version. Therefore, you can use applications from any of the repositories.

Who should use Puppy Linux? Anyone who finds Puppy Linux useful for its portability can use it. Click here to download Puppy Linux.


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If you are not looking for any fancy operating system and want an operating system that gives stability and more control, Gentoo is the best alternative to Ubuntu. However, to use Gentoo, you should have some knowledge about Linux operating systems. Again, you must have some knowledge about computer and its operations. The good part is that the documents are pretty clear and up to date. Moreover, you will be able to get many answers from the Gentoo forums.

Rather than using root commands irrelevantly, Gentoo provides the chance for users to understand the problem and fix it. Therefore, you are learning a new thing every time you repair Gentoo OS.

Additionally, you will find exceptional expertise on Gentoo forums. Gentoo experts are able to answer any question under the sun that is related to Linux. Hence, you will get an opportunity to learn from the best about Linux operating systems and believe me there’s much to learn.

Another great thing with Gentoo is that you will never need to upgrade to a newer version. Every time you install a new software, Gentoo gets you covered by automatically keeping the packages consistent.

In conclusion, Gentoo is not actually an operating system only for techies. In fact, it’s for people who love to learn about computers and get the latest operating system without much hassles. Use it as it’s easy to manage and always remains at its highest standard of quality possible. Click here to download Gentoo.

Arch Linux

Arch linux
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Arch Linux can be arguably considered as one of the best Linux distros available. It provides user the control to perform a personalized installation on any device he or she wishes. You can use it on headless servers, plug computers, notebooks, desktops etc. One of the biggest reasons why Arch Linux is considered at upper hand to other Linux distributions is because its package manager, which is also known as pacman. Pacman is quick and extremely solid. Many experts call it as the best package manager ever created in Linux.

In addition, the documentation is exceptional. It is so perfect that some other Linux distributions look upon Arch Linux’s documentation when preparing their official documentation. There could be rarely any instance when the Arch Linux wiki is not able to help you.

Additionally, the Arch Linux User Repository can help you install non-community packages. It does not believe on hiding details behind a conceptualized GUI and rather prefers to provide all necessary details to the user.

Arch Linux developers do release frequent updates; hence you need to remain active to maintain your operating system. Moreover, the setup process is complex and you will be able to pick up a couple of things from the process if you wish.

In a nutshell, Arch Linux can be used by people who want a powerful Linux experience. Other Linux distros that are good alternatives to Ubuntu may lack some features that Arch Linux consists of. In our opinion, the negative aspects (for some users) should not force you to stop trying Arch Linux. Click here to download Arch Linux.


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Parabola is another great alternative to Ubuntu that is based on Arch Linux. One of the good things about the software is that it only promotes free applications. One of the biggest reasons Parabola is different from Ubuntu is that it uses Linux-libre kernel instead of the traditional Linux kernel. As a result, Parabola is able to eliminate blobs from Linux kernel. It means that Linux-libre kernel is able to keep up with the development of Linux kernel by eradicating software packages that are obfuscated or distributed under proprietary licenses.

If you have used Arch Linux and love it, you will definitely love Parabola. Parabola is highly customizable like Arch Linux and you can find an online guide about how to customize Parabola.

Note: – The online guide does not spoon feed users. Thus, you should know what you are searching for in the guide.

We are sure that Parabola will interest you and serve you as a great Ubuntu alternative. Click here to download Parabola.

Our list ends here! When switching to another Linux distributions from Ubuntu, always remember that each person likes Linux for different reasons. Think upon you reason to leave Ubuntu and find the perfect Linux distro alternative to Ubuntu from the list. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below. Also, stay connected to receive amazing updates about recent technological trends.

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