5 Tips to Boost Your Phone’s Signal Strength

Agree or not, but we’re truly living an era where surviving without our smartphone seems almost impossible. This tiny gadget happens to be our all-time favorite companion, and gives us immense power and control to achieve almost anything. There’s so much more that our smartphone can do apart from just texting and calling.

But yes, out of the all good reasons why we love our smartphone above and beyond everything, calling and connecting with our near and dear ones happens to be the primary reason why we can’t live without our phones. But don’t you feel annoyed when you’re unable to listen or understand what the other person just said during a phone call? When the call drops suddenly or when you’re unable to connect with someone in a bad reception area? Yes, it is utterly frustrating, and we’ve all struggled through that.

how to improve mobile signal strength
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There are times when our smartphone’s signal is almost zilch and you’re unable to converse with your loved ones. So, to help you go through this patchy time, here are a few tips to improve phone signal strength that can help you overcome any kind of interference or disturbances that may come your way.

Let’s dive in!

How to Improve Mobile Signal Strength

1. Switch to Another Location

Switch to Another Location
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As soon as you notice, your smartphone’s network signal is dropping to zero, try and move to a different location to see if doing so plays any role in improving the signal strength. Whether you’re at home or somewhere out, you can easily try this trick. There are certain locations and spots where the network is barred or interfered with due to certain factors. So, to avoid this, you can start walking while being on the phone, and pick a sweet spot where you can easily catch the voice of the caller without any disturbance.

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2. Avoid Low Battery

Avoid Low Battery
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Well, yes, your device’s battery health also plays a crucial role in improving the signal strength. If your smartphone is running low on battery, there’s a possibility that you might face call drops, poor reception, disturbance while you’re on a call. So, make sure that you only place calls when your phone is sufficiently charged to experience a smooth seamless conversation.

3. Hold Your Phone Rightly

Hold Your Phone Rightly
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Yes, it may sound a bit absurd, but if you don’t hold your phone in the right position while blocking the device antenna, you may experience a lot of disturbances during the call. Don’t grip your smartphone too hard that it blocks the signal. Also, you can even switch to phones or a pair of wireless Bluetooth headsets to see an improvement in network strength.

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4. Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

The next workaround on our list of tips to improve phone signal strength is to reset network settings of your smartphone. Doing so will ensure that your device is connecting to the right carrier, and will also allow you to install the latest carrier settings that are available for your device.

For iPhone, head on to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. This will not just reset your phone’s signal settings but also the WiFi and Bluetooth settings to start afresh.

5. Use Signal Boosters

Use Signal Boosters
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Last but not the least, if nothing from the above-mentioned works well for you and if you’re still struggling with a bad network reception issues, you can try using a signal booster device. You can easily install a signal booster device at your home or workplace to improve the network quality in your surroundings. Once you install a signal booster around your house or workplace or vehicle, the outdoor antenna that is fitted along with this device will boost the signal strength so that you don’t feel any disturbance while conversing with your near and dear ones.

Here was a quick rundown of tips to improve phone signal strength so that you experience minimal disturbance or interference during phone calls. For any other queries or assistance, feel free to ping us!

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