Thinking Of Switching From Android To iPhone: Read It First

Everyone who loves a good smartphone and wants to buy a new one every once in a while. Has it been long that you are using an Android phone and now wish to switch to the iPhone? Well thinking that iPhone seems to have a lucrative bunch of features to offer, so why not. Let us help you out with that dilemma in this post, which is dedicated to all who are under this transition phase. The compulsive bug of changing smartphones can lead to discoveries but with caution.

The 2019 mighty iPhone 11 models, such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, can be compared to the Android flagship phones to derive a result. However, since the release of iPhone SE 2, many of us are thinking about buying it as the phone comes in a way affordable price and offers several attractive features as well.

Reasons to switch

Now, let’s ponder the points which are most likely to make you switch from Android to iPhone

1. Camera


 The best feature of the iPhone is its Camera. This has been the selling point for many years, and it does work its charm. It has several photo and video modes, which do not require additional editing or photo app. The iPhone has been used to shoot full films, and they have been appreciated for the excellent picture quality.

If you are a budding photographer, you must start with switching your Android to iPhone. That’s because investing in an iPhone is a far better deal than buying a DSLR camera. The iPhone’s camera to date has been the best as compared to any other Android phone camera.

2. Privacy

Apple always works hard towards the security of the user’s data and device. On the other hand, Google has been known for collecting user’s data over the years. So, if you are a firm believer in maintaining your private life on the phone limited to yourself, switch to iPhone.

Use of the inbuilt texting and calling apps like iMessage and FaceTime helps you connect with other iPhone users. The conversations are end to end encrypted, and therefore, users can communicate safely. One can use the iPhone’s built-in password manager to stay safe.

3. Apple’s Ecosystem

Apple surely knows that the devices connected work better. All of the Apple devices- iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod can work together very quickly. One can easily use Apple Watch, the powerful wearable, which is undoubtedly the best wearable available.

With the inbuilt apps, the syncing of data is also easy. The way AirPods can easily connect to your devices with the same iCloud account is another advantage. Whether, it’s syncing contacts from iPhone to your Mac or any transferring pictures, it’s a more manageable task with Apple products.

Reasons to not switch:

1. Variety


Since the era of foldable phones began, and if you are a fan, we must say that changing to the iPhone might not be a good idea. You can always try out the new Android phones like Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z flip, once they are tested OK to be used. Switching to an entirely new operating system might deprive you of taking advantages of Android features.

The most specific characteristic of a notch on an iPhone makes it less desirable. Android phones with the minimum notch on display as drop notch, hole punch are being used for quite a long time now.

2. Customization

As much as Apple keeps its interface clean, it also somehow lacks customization. With various Android smartphones, you can use a different theme and customize the user interface. You can get different firmware versions and have fun with the custom device. The iPhone does not give you as many options; therefore, you are stuck with the same look and the grid. Changing wallpapers and moving icons is the bit you can do about the look, but that’s not the same with Android.

As here, you get to change the themes, font, launch features, swap pages to customize your Android. Since the iPhone does not allow most third-party apps to work on its operating system, it lacks such features. Android, on the other hand, can be changed with several available features, including inbuilt apps.

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3. Can’t backup Whatsapp

If you do not want to lose your WhatsApp chat history, this stands as a significant block in not switching to iPhone as the messaging company does not provide any way to transfer the WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone. It does seem a bit unfair, but as the two operating system uses different cloud backup, i.e., Google Drive and iCloud, it is not possible to sync them.

So if you are adamant about switching from Android to iPhone, be ready to lose your Whatsapp chat history, although it is effortless to use the same WhatsApp account on another device once you switch the smartphone.


You can go with the upgrade if it is imperative, but keep in mind that it comes with a few demerits. It is always your selection that matters in the end. While many will not mind any of these restrictions and some will be happy about switching to iPhone. Using an iPhone for the first time can seem a little tricky at first as the operating system is different, but you can get used to it with ease.

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