Best Apps And Games On Appstore 2023

All the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac were announced on the recent Apple event. It was held on Dec 2, 2020, in New York, where they highlighted the best apps and games of the year, available on App Store. It is the first time that an event was exclusively organized to lay focus on the best apps and games by Apple.

This article covers the latest announcements made by Apple for the best apps on the App Store. The games being an entire category they are separately placed, and the best among them are listed accordingly.

Best Apps on the AppStore for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV-

best app for iphone

This application which was developed by Halide takes fantastic photos. Based on the algorithms used to implement artificial intelligence to capture long exposure shots. Apply the effects on the live shot, which will show you what to capture directly in-app. Develop picture with beautiful light strikes, and water bodies making everything appear divine. The user interface is available in dark mode keeping the intent of the user to help them use at night time.

best app for ipad

The application is basically a digital notebook used to draw sketches and take notes in your handwriting. The app shows you a traditional graphite pencil use as a tool to write. Other than that, you get a number of options to choose from. With infinite width, it will be limitless drawing. Dark and light background with dot grid, lines and blank styles to work on. On the iPad, use the picture in picture mode, split-screen, and drag and drop options for making multi-tasking easy. It supports the cloud storage which gives you an ease to backup your documents and lets you access it from other iOS devices.

best app for mac 

It is the best app possible for desktop publishing for creating designer reports, posters, magazines, books and much more. This tool helps you merge the graphics and text in the outstanding layouts to create a publishing article. This provides you with full controls on paragraph styles. Add the images in various formats like png, jpg, tiff and Affinity styles. The advanced features include the creation of index and table of contents automatically.

best app for apple tv

It is a work towards the Earth’s exploration through the lens by scientists, artists, professionals and associates. The people cover the area around them for its natural habitat, species living among them. It is basically a collective work showcased in the form of images and videos. You can search from the marked locations on the maps. One can also add to the earth inventory with the contribute option.

Best Apps on the AppStore for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV:

  • Best game of Appstore – Sky: Children of the light

best game appstore iphone

Graphics are great and it is fun to be played on the iOS devices. This game places children as the hope-giving creatures in the enchanted kingdom of sky. The story of the game is all about bringing back the fallen stars back to their places in the constellations. Customize your characters and take a flight to save the kingdom from evil. Socialize with other players, spread happiness by appreciating with candles as the symbol. The game ranks the best with the highest ratings from the users.

  • Best arcade game – Sayonara Wild heart

best arcade game appstore sayonara

This has to be the best arcade game with motorbike racing, skateboarding, and dance battles as the main focus. It uses popular songs which are the backdrop of the romantic story of the game. It has created a buzz around the users and loved by the gamers who love to use Mac. One can live their Hollywood dream with each level which includes you to run and cross the path with the amazing soundtrack.

  • Best game for iPad – Hyper Light Drifter

best game for ipad

This game has been accoladed for its graphics a number of times before and wins to be the best game for iPad this year. It is an RPG game which is set in the ruins of the lands which is dominated by lost technology. It is also known for its combat mechanics, beautiful soundtrack and visuals. On iPad 120 fps gameplay is available which adds to make it the winning game of the year.

  • Best game for Mac – GRIS

best game for mac

This is awarded as the best game on AppStore for Mac of 2020. The original score in the background catches the player’s attention along with the sophisticated art which aligns with the story of the game. It is developed by Spanish indie Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital for Mac. It includes puzzles and basic skill-building hurdles to move forward in the game

  • Best game for Apple TV- Wonder Boy – The Dragon’s Trap

best game for apple tv

The story based on Wonderboy seeking a cure to its situation of being a half-human and half-lizard. You as a player sleigh dragons and step into the world of exotic animals which are fascinating. The action-packed game is awarded the best game on AppStore 2020 for Apple TV.

Wrapping up:

With the use of spectre app, most will not require to carry DSLR with them as it will do the trick to get your RAW images. apps such as Flow and Affinity Publisher hold valuable remarks from users, and thus they are productive and hold a place among the best apps on the Appstore. Others include various games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

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