The Latest Deepfake Apps Craze Can Make You Look Like A Movie Star!

For people unaware, Deepfakes are Artificial-Intelligence manipulated photos & videos that appear as someone doing or saying something they never did. The idea to Deepfake has entered as a mainstream culture these days, and several apps like Face Swap and some others with advanced algorithms have taken the Internet by storm.

These high-profile edits have mocked the most popular TV Shows & disrupted politicians around the world. But besides creating seemingly frolicsome and inoffensive content, Deepfakes can also pose an existential threat.

So, in this article, we have chosen some harmless Deepfake apps and sites that can be used for fun and research purposes.

Must-Try Deepfake Apps & Websites

Listed are a few apps and websites that use Deepfake technology. You can use these tools and services to dig more about Image Recognition, Machine Learning and of course for fun purposes.

1. Zao

One such popular Deepfake app known as Zao has taken the Internet by storm. The application lets you create Deepfake videos within a few moments.  And the output appears to be quite realistic and genuine. Zao Chinese Deepfake app is intended to drive light-hearted banter on social media & is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Zao Deepfake App

It offers a built-in video library that features scenes from Big Bang Theory, Chinese drama series, famous Hollywood movies & more. From which you can create seemingly authentic Deepfake videos. Since the application is released in China, users are required to have a Chinese phone number for signing up.

Download Zao Deepfake apk!

2. Deepfakes web ?

Deepfakes web ? is another popular Deepfake website based on Artificial Intelligence to change and swap faces.  The web Deepfake app allows users to create fake videos online, and it can take up to a few hours to learn and train from the videos and images for retrieving the best results.

Deepfakes web

The web app has an interacting landing page describing how to use Deepfake technology to create face-swapped videos. The website works on the cloud; therefore you don’t need to set up or sign up for anything. The Deepfake web app charges $2/1 hour of usage rights.

Check out Deepfakes web ?!

3. Face Swap

Face Swap designed and developed by Microsoft is another Deepfake app that lets users swap their faces with Actors, Politicians and more.  You need to take a selfie or upload an image from the Camera Roll or from web > start swiping on the added image to get the desired results. The company uses advanced Image Recognition technology to swap faces.

Face Swap

You can even adjust the skin tone, lighting conditions, head turns and more to get realistic results. In addition to face swapping, the Deepfake app also allows users to try new dresses, hairstyles, add animated scenes and more.

Note: This app is no longer available on Google Play Store

4. AvengeThem

Big fan of Marvel? If yes, then using AvengeThem is a perfect treat for you to enjoy Deepfake videos. With AvengeThem online web service, you can put your face or a celeb’s on your favorite Avenger character in just a few seconds. The web application features a package of eighteen GIFs ranging from Marvel Cinematic Universe.


To start creating your Deepfake videos using AvengeThem, all you have to do is, reach to their website > click on the GIF you want to morph. Now you get two options to Deepfake your video, either you can upload your images or upload a picture of your favorite Avenger character. Once done, you can choose to Download the GIF or download it as an Insta story, share on Twitter or text it to a friend.

Visit Deepfake apk AvengeThem!

Bottom Line

While making senseless clips & seeing how you’ll look like in future might not pose any threat, but the idea that someone could exploit the Deepfake technology for more sinister means is.

Hence, users need to be educated enough to appreciate the risks of online activities they do and be very careful when they navigate online spaces.

Disclaimer: Systweak is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, reliability or completeness of any third-party tool or service. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk!


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