Best FaceApp Alternative Apps For iPhones And Android

Every now and then there is some app that takes over the internet users across the globe through its exciting, unique features. These apps may not be lasting forever like WhatsApp, but inevitably create a huge hype and gather a lot of attention faster than any other app of that kind. People have experienced this with apps like Sarahah, and now another app FaceApp has brought the same blow to the social media and mobile app stores.

FaceApp is a photo-editing app dedicated to transforming faces found in different photographs. FaceApp uses age filters to make you look younger or older in pictures, as well as changes gender using swap filters. While this Russia-based app is attracting users worldwide, there are many other image filter applications available on both Apple and Android stores. Let’s take a look at some of these FaceApp alternatives that went famous for their extravagant image filter options:

Best FaceApp Alternative Apps 2023

1. Aging Booth

Aging Booth
Aging Booth is the most trending FaceApp alternative on app stores. While FaceApp makes your face younger or older, Aging Booth is just about growing old in pictures. Despite having one less feature, Aging Booth competes FaceApp as FaceApp itself is famous for its aging filter. Using Aging Booth is as easy as it can be. Let the app’s AI capture your face and then click on the Start button. In a few seconds, you’ll turn old in front of yourself. Besides capturing, you can also add pics from your gallery to apply the aging filter. Earlier launched exclusively for iOS, the app was later made available on Google Play Store as well.

2. Oldify


Oldify is another of the editing apps like FaceApp that allow you to look old at a young age. In this FaceApp alternative, there is one more catch. Besides applying the aging filter, Oldify lets you type-in the age number and lets you decide how old you want to look in your new pic. You can further add filters like a grey beard on your face to add a new element to your old self. So, go ahead and show-off your wrinkles on Oldify. It may be fun, but who knows your old self give you nightmares. And since its available for both Android and iOS, all users can get a hand on it.

3. Make Me Old

make me old

This one’s probably the finest of the FaceApp alternatives as it offers much more creative liberty to the user in comparison to the other. While other aging filter apps process a current picture through a filtering AI, Make Me Old lets you modify this result even more. Users can use a variety of options to modify their pictures and create their own persona of their older selves. You can find your own spots to add wrinkles and other aging effects and find out all the possible future versions of yourself. The only drawback of the app that it is not available of iOS and therefore, Apple users don’t get to use these features. Strictly Android only!

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4. Prisma

Prisma App

Prisma, when first launched, created havoc among iOS users. The app gained huge popularity due to its exciting animation and comic-style image filters. Users use Prisma to animate their pics using multiple filter options to add artistic effects to their pictures. Unlike other apps, Prisma’s neural network isn’t limited to face detection to apply such effects. The users can modify all sorts of images, ranging from selfies to landscape and scenic views. The app was launched for iOS only and achieved a mark of 7.5 million downloads within a week. Later, the app was made available for Android as well. This may not be a direct Face App alternative ; however, it is one of the best one to replace FaceApp as an image editor and enhancer. Offering unique filters for images, Prisma is one of the most authentic editor’s choices on both app stores when it comes to image editing.

5. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

If you’re looking for beautifying yourself using FaceApp’s young-age filter, it’s better to go for a more detailed approach. Just adding a young-age filter won’t suffice and therefore, you need to add some additional effects to beautify your face. YouCam Perfect has the best variety of filters to help you out in that case. One of the best image editing apps, YouCam Perfect’s filters includes object remover, skin beautifying effects, face reshaper, skin smoothener, and basic features of pixelation, blur, and crop effects. Moreover, you can add stickers to make your pics social media friendly and share directly from the app. Available for both iOS and Android, YouCam Perfect is a great FaceApp free alternative if you want to dive towards the younger and more lively side of your personality.

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6. Fuzion


Blending your face into wrinkles is one thing, but to blend that picture into some 3D artistic photography tends to create something phenomenal. Fuzion is a FaceApp alternative app for iOS, which allows users to create some astonishing images of themselves mashed up into some iconic photography works. Fuzion has basically simplified the creation of double-exposure pictures. Photographers generally go through heft editing to create a professional double exposure. But for a general user like all of us, Fuzion does all that in a few taps. The overlays generated are quite incredible, and users can use them for creating posters for quotes or for usual fun too. However, this fine alternative to FaceApp is just available for iOS, so Android users won’t be able to use these exciting features at all.

7. Meitu


One of the most prominent developers of camera-filter apps, Meitu, Inc., has a perfect image filter app that can be a great FaceApp alternative. The app goes by the name Meitu Beauty Cam and Easy Photo Editor. Meitu is an instant beautifier that offers effects and features like magic brush doodles to modify backgrounds, image animations, frames, text stickers, and collage creation. The app is perfect for making creative illustrations and for enhancing pictures to be posted on social media. Besides beautification, the app has effects like those on Snapchat, wherein you can add tints to your selfies and paint it up with superimposed filters.



FaceApp got its popularity from the fun part around it. People posing funny older versions of themselves got the app great hits. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you must try MSQRD, another image filter apps similar to FaceApp. MSQRD has some funny mask filters that are superimposed on your faces. These masks include a zombie mask, clown, puppy face, and whatnot. One of these masks is the old-age filter mask, which makes it another FaceApp alternative trying to make people look old. However, the old-age results with MSQRD are not that promising as with FaceApp itself. It’s ironic that MSQRD is a product from global social media giant Facebook and is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

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With over 100 million downloads on PlayStore and iOS, SNOW is one of the most popular images filtering app for mobile. Rated and reviewed quite favorably on both stores, SNOW is primarily a beautifying application, which process image for beauty and make-up filters. However, among all these, there is an old-age filter, which ultimately makes it the app that makes you look old as well. Ranked among top filtering apps, SNOW is often used to send snaps and stories of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

10. Old Face

Old Face

Old Face is another Android-only face aging app, which offers an old age filter to turn your hair grey and face all wrinkled. Therefore, this FaceApp alternative is also meant for turning you drastically old in your somewhat young and lively pictures. The app works just as free apps like FaceApp. Add your picture, select your “eye-area” in the pic and edit it to add a wrinkle effect on your face and grey shade on your hair. However, using Old Face against the widely popular app may not be a good idea given the higher credibility of the AI factor of FaceApp image editing filters.

These apps define image editing on the phone and are the most widely used ones to create both authentic and funny transformations of your regular pictures. Hit the app stores, download them, and try them out.

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