The Easiest Method To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen

Are you seeing one or more colored dots on your screen constantly? This is a case of stuck or dead pixel on Windows. Getting a dead & stuck pixel on LCD and TFT is more common than you think but experiencing the stuck pixel screen is extremely frustrating.

We all have witnessed several times that a couple of pixels get stuck on your computer’s LCD screen. The culprit of Stuck Pixels can be related to hardware issues which can take place due to manufacturing faults. If you are wondering how to fix a stuck pixel on the screen, then it could be done in three different ways.

In this post, we are going to talk about the easiest method to fix a stuck pixel on your screen.

Steps to Fix A Stuck Pixels on Your Screen

If you get a dead pixel on your computer screen you can easily fix a stuck pixel on your screen. In order to do, that you can use two different methods.

  • It is important to recognize the stuck pixels by witnessing the colorful palettes on your screen.
  • Try out the manual method which includes rubbing the stuck pixel with a soft pointy or damp cloth.
  • Rely on the third-party programs to flash the pixel with multiple colors.

Steps to Fix Stuck Pixels Manually

We all know the power of acupressure and the magic it creates. Well if you haven’t then you can try out by using your own hands to fix the stuck pixels.  Follow the steps to fix stuck pixels manually quickly.

Step 1: First, you see the colorful palettes then you need switch off your monitor.

Step 2: Look for soft cloth which will protect your monitor from scratches.

Step 3: Now, you need to put the damp cloth on the surface where you see the stuck pixel and apply some pressure on it. Make sure pressure is not too strong and do not apply pressure on the other area because it might create more stuck pixels for you.

Step 4: You need to turn off your machine at the same time you are applying pressure on the screen.

Step 5: now, when you will remove the pressure, you will notice the stuck pixel are eliminated from your monitor.

It is an effective method that helps you fix a stuck pixel because it is presented in the liquid form that shows that the liquid in one or more of its sub-pixels that hasn’t spread similarly.

Tools to Fix A Stuck Pixel on Your Screen.

Online Monitor Test

Online Monitor Test

Using the online Monitor Test helps you recognize the bad pixels but also using it to test the top-notch quality of your desktop. The software provides three different ways to test the quality of the monitor in the best possible way. However, it could be installed on your computer in the executable mode or need to flash the online version.

It allows you to start the timer and set the two monitors in clone mode. In fact, you can run the tool on the system or access the HTML document. Indeed, it is a great piece to give a shot.

Get it here



UDPixel is a freeware which is also known as UndeadPixel. It is designed to detect and fix the stuck pixels by making a few speedy changes. UndeadPixel software needs the Microsoft .NET Framework which means if you don’t own Windows machine then you can rely on any other tool.  It is available on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

It comes handy to identifying the display irregularities and locate suspicious pixel. In other words, it is are a reliable tool which is designed to handle the pixels on your screen.

Get it here



It is another remarkable tool that effortlessly fixes the dead and stuck pixels. All you need to do is, access the software on your machine and fixation will be done within 10 minutes.  JScreenFix loads a black color browser window which reflects as a square of flashing pixels.

JScrenFix is an easy-to-use tool that drags the pixel fixer on the stuck pixel. It is an amazing program that is suitable for OLED & LCD screens.

Get it here

So, this is the easiest method to fix a stuck pixel on your screen you can rely on to get the work done. In case, any of the methods don’t work for your screen then you can contact a technician to replace the screen.

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