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How-To - 2021-05-14

Steps On How To Clear Chrome Cookies And Cache For One Site Only

You might have a lot about clearing cache and cookies in Chrome to optimize your browser, but did you know that these cache and cookies can prove beneficial. All your login information, favourites, and web settings are saved in cache and cookies and deleting all of them could be a little irritating process. If there…

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How-To - 2020-01-03

How To Remove Adware From Chrome

Virus and Malware enter our computer through the internet and to access the internet, we need to use a browser. Thus, we can conclude that all the malicious software enters our computer through the browser. Google, however, thought about this beforehand and inculcated a Clean-up Tool in its browser – Chrome. What is Google Chrome…

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How-To - 2019-12-31

How To Turn On Chrome OS Developer Mode?

Turning on Chrome OS developer mode is an easy task and provides a vast exploration of the Chrome Operating System. A lot of people are under the misconception that Chrome doesn’t let you enjoy as many features expected but this isn’t so true. Developer mode is certainly letting you break those barriers. Yes, with that…

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google, How-To - 2019-11-04

How To Turn All Websites On Google Chrome To Dark Mode?

With the recent update on Chrome browser, it has turned to version 78 wherein several new features are introduced. Chrome78 has come up with bug fixes, security patches and much more. One of those several features includes ‘enable force dark mode on Chrome’. This is an experimental feature that forces dark theme on any or…

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How-To - 2019-10-31

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome’s inbuilt password manager undoubtedly has made our life easier. We no longer have to remember the passwords as we now have an option to store them inside Chrome. This simplifies the login process, i.e. entering email address and password for the frequently visited sites. Now we are free from the hassle by typing…

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How-To - 2019-07-28

How to Speed Up Internet Browsing Speed

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain” ~ Stephen Hawking Isn’t that quite true? Internet is like this huge, gigantic web that connects each and every one of us, no matter in which corner of the world we’re sitting. Now the Internet is not just a mere informative…

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Top 10, Web Browser - 2021-10-14

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Writers

Writing a pitch-perfect copy is not an easy task. A writer has to take care of so many things to deliver a perfect writeup. Tasks range from focusing on the style, paying heed to the grammar and maximizing the readability. There are many chrome extensions for writers that help you achieve the same in a…

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Top 10 - 2019-05-01

Best Free Google Chrome VPN Extensions To Conceal Your Identity

In this world full of cyber threats, concealing your identity is the most important. Therefore, using Virtual Private Network (VPNs) have become considerably popular. VPNs not only hide your identity but also allow you to circumnavigate geo-blocking restrictions. VPN can be either software on your computer or an extension available for browsers. As most Internet…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.