How To Turn On Chrome OS Developer Mode?

Turning on Chrome OS developer mode is an easy task and provides a vast exploration of the Chrome Operating System. A lot of people are under the misconception that Chrome doesn’t let you enjoy as many features expected but this isn’t so true. Developer mode is certainly letting you break those barriers. Yes, with that Google security features are surely barred down. Yet, developers can enjoy the codes behind Chrome OS and even can download Linux systems like Ubuntu. The other system can run parallel to the existing Chrome OS.

Before we tell you how to turn on Chrome OS developer mode on Chromebook, let’s have a brief idea of developer mode.

What Is Developer Mode?

Developer mode is like rooting your Android device which provides a great insight into the Chromebook OS. Once Developer mode on Chrome is enabled, you can break new codes, find out new and interesting stuff and install the dual-boot system. Your OS also gets technically less secure because Google is not able to confirm which operating systems are installed.

So if you want to explore Chrome OS differently or new to the developers’ world, learn how to turn on Chrome OS developer mode.

How To Turn On Chrome OS Developer Mode?

Note that turning on Chrome OS developer mode deletes all your present data so you should back up using Google Drive or an external hard drive.

Step 1: Turn off your Chromebook, to begin with.

Step 2: Press and hold Esc+Refresh key for a few seconds along with the Power button.

Chrome Keyboard


Step 3: Release the Power button. (Chromebook has reached the ‘Recovery Mode’).

Step 4: Now at Recovery screen, press Ctrl+D. Hit enter and wait for a few minutes.

You have enabled Chrome OS Developer mode.

Note that if you are getting a screen displaying ‘Chrome OS is missing or damaged’, it is common when you are enabling chrome OS developer mode.


Chrome OS is missing or damaged


These steps mentioned above are answers to how to turn on Chrome OS developer mode.

How To Turn-Off Chrome OS Developer Mode?

When you want to return back home after exploring the world outside Chrome OS, follow the methods below.

Method 1: Reboot your Chromebook. Press Spacebar for re-verification after the screen prompts ‘OS verification is off’. Once again, the device is back to the secured stage.

Method 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+T and open the “Crosh” or Chrome’s developer shell. Type the commands like:




crossystem disable_dev_request=1; reboot

And it’s done!

PROS On Developer Mode On Chrome OS on Chromebook

  • Installation of Linux on Chrome OS can be done.
  • Allows Chromebook coding
  • Allows sideloading of other applications that were previously not available.
  • Chromebook can be used as a media server or set-up box.

CONS On Developer Mode On Chrome OS on Chromebook

  • All your data is wiped out or Chromebook goes through a Powerwash cycle. This method is also used to reformat the device.
  • You get to reach a less secure environment like self-verification of OS is gone or even malicious apps can make their way into it.
  • The boot screen slows down.
  • Devices’ warranty is being played as Google is not officially supportive of developer mode.

Turn On Chrome OS Developer Mode

Although we have provided your solution for how to turn on Chrome OS developer mode on Chromebook, we recommend you reach this liberal section only after finding its pros and cons as mentioned above.

You can certainly enable developer mode, but it is indeed better to return back to default mode by disabling it.

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