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Tech News - 2018-02-15

Facebook Two-Factor Authentication Feature Gone Bad

Facebook seems to have a tough time these days. Facebook’s two-factor authentication system seems to be the current target. Two Factor Authentication(2FA) is considered to provide an added layer of security when you log in to your Facebook Account, however, is said to post auto-replies on users Facebook profiles without their consent. As noticed by…

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Tips & Tricks - 2018-02-04

How to Unlink Facebook & Instagram Accounts

It’s pretty evident from the current social culture that people devote most of their time on social media platforms nowadays. Managing multiple social media platforms at the same times sometimes gets too time consuming and cumbersome. Well an effective way to manage two most famous social media platforms together viz. Facebook and Instagram can save…

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How-To - 2018-02-01

See Your Favorite Facebook Posts On Top Of News Feed

When we login our facebook account or open facebook app we find lots of news feed. But sometimes we do not see what we want to see first, in our news feed. Though facebook is powered by AI to serve us what we want in a better way but sometimes only we know what is…

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Tips & Tricks - 2018-01-13

Set Approval Request For Facebook Group Posts

If you are an active Facebook user, then you would know about Facebook groups and how convenient it can be to connect with many people at one time. It is an excellent medium to share ideas, plans and discuss with others. Groups allow its members to come closer and not only share their opinions on…

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Tips & Tricks - 2018-01-11

How To “Snooze” Someone On Facebook For 30 Days

Sometimes some of our Facebook friends become overactive because they are on holidays or they are involved in something really engaging and ends up on their facebook wall. All the time watching stories from a specific friend can get boring, but removing someone from the friend list also seems a little far fetched. Thankfully, Facebook…

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How-To - 2018-01-02

How To Control Face Recognition On Facebook

We know Facebook as a famous social networking application. As we all know it keeps adding innovative features to maintain its position at the top of the list of top social media apps. We hope you have loved tagging your friends in the group photos which you upload on Facebook. With time, Facebook also made…

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How-To - 2017-12-26

How To Remove/Edit App Settings On Facebook

It is more than often when we get a bit lazy and sign into an app with our Facebook account. It is just because we find it a shortcut which prevents us from going through the cumbersome process of filling all the mandatory details required to make an account with that app. However, many few…

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