25 Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Just Have to Know!

If you are in your mid/late twenties (or older), you probably started using Facebook before it became the ‘place to be’. Today, the ‘mammoth Facebook community’ is a world in itself. Over the years, the social networking site has undergone many changes in terms of features, functions, and usability. From profile to timeline or starting as a friend’s community to becoming the foremost source to connect with the world, it has grown exponentially.

While Facebook was growing this big, it also integrated some amusing features in to its interface for its users. Yes, we are certain that you must be aware of most of these, yet Facebook is bigger than you ever imagined. So here’s a list of Facebook’s hidden tips and tricks to enhance your Facebook experience just that little bit more.

Timeline Tips & Tricks

  • Go Live: This is a recent update by Facebook for mobile users . It’s a real time video post on Facebook. Simply tap/click on the Live icon and get started.


  • Hide Post: Don’t like a post on your timeline? Worry not! Click/tap on the drop down arrow on any post and select ‘Hide from Timeline’ option.


  • Make Profile Pictures Unclickable: If you don’t want anyone to see your profile picture then you can stop them from. Tap/click on your profile picture>Edit> Public Drop down arrow> Only Me.



  • Customize Status Updates: You can customize who can see your status updates. Click/tap on drop down arrow of Friends> Select Friends.


  • Log Out Secretly: You can log out from multiple devices in a single click. But this feature is accessible only on Desktop. Go to Settings> Security> Where You’re Logged in. Your login details will get listed. Open them and click on End Activity.


  • Turn Off Auto-Play Videos: You might not like the videos that start playing as you scroll down your News feed. To know how to disable auto-play.
  • Create an Interest List: If there are things you like more than others, then you can save them in your personal interest list. Just scroll down on your News feed and find Interests on it. Now click on it and search for your favorite pages, friends and things you follow.


Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

  • Play Games on Facebook Messenger
    • Play Football: If you’re a soccer lover, Facebook has a plan for you. Select a friend and send a football emoji to him. Now tap on the emoji sent on chat. This will launch the Facebook football game for both of you. Now, that’s rather cool!
    • Play Basketball: Just like football, you can play Basketball as well. Send a basketball to a friend and tap on the ball, you’ll get you court right there.
    • Play Chess: Apart from football and basketball, you can even play chess on Facebook. Just type ‘@fbchess play’ on any chats and send. Chess board will then appear and the opponent will be invited to make the first move.
  • Find secret message box: If you think Facebook has disabled people other than your friends to send you a message, then this one is for you. Tap on three bar stacked doted on your phone> Message Requests> See the chats.


  • Send Files Via Facebook: This feature is only enabled for desktop. When you open a chat, you’ll find a settings icon on the top right corner. Click on it and select ‘Add Files’. Now choose a file and click on Open.
  • Order an Uber or Lyft: You can hail an Uber or Lyft via Messenger. Open any chat on Messenger and chat bar and look for three-dotted icon. You’ll find an option with Transportation. Now click on it and get started.


  • Mute group chats: If group chats seem annoying to you, then mute them. Simply highlight the conversation or swipe left, and select mute.


  • Recover Deleted Messages: If you have deleted a message by mistake, then worry not. This feature of Facebook will get you through. Go to Settings> General Settings> Download a copy of your Facebook data.


  • Know if someone has read your message & when: Like any other messenger app, you can keep track of if your message has been read and when. If you can see your friend’s picture in a small circle, then that means it has been read. To find when did they read your text, double click on the message.


  • Connect via Calling:  Facebook has also enable real time calling. Right on top of your chats, there are video calling and voice calling icons. Tap on them to call your friends.


  • Look for Help when needed: You must have already heard of emergency text. But did you know Facebook also supported this feature? Go to Settings> Mobile> Add a Phone> Activate Text Messaging. Now select your country and carrier and click on Next. After this, using your phone messaging app, type the letter ‘F’ and send it to 32665 to get the confirmation code. Now enter your code and click on Next.


These steps will enable Facebook Text on your account. You’ll now be able to send message via Facebook Text.

Facebook Friends Tips & Tricks

  • Unfriend them without losing access to their account: You can simply unfollow anyone instead of opting for unfriend option. This will keep them in your Friends list but you won’t get their updates. Simply click on Friends drop down arrow> Unfollow friend.


Alternatively, you can also unfollow your friends by clicking/taping on the drop down arrow of their post and tap on unfollow.

  • Select Friends to Appear on Timeline: It’s as easy as pie, just click on the Friends option on your news feed> Close friends> Add friends to this list.
  • See more stuff from your favorite people: If you have certain favorite people in your friend’s list and you want to see everything from them (like every post), then simply Start them. For this, you’ll have to visit their profile and tap on the ‘Following’ drop down arrow. Now select See First option in it.


  • Send birthday wishes LIVE: This one is strictly for iOS users. On any of your friend’s birthday, you’ll see a birthday video cam that will allow you to send a 15 sec birthday wish to them.


  • Restrict Friends from Posting on your Timeline: For this, you need to go to Settings> Timeline and Tagging> Who can post on your timeline > Edit> Only me.


  • Set Approval before Tagging: For this, you need to go to Settings> Timeline and Tagging> Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline> Edit> On.


  • Send money via Facebook: Well you can help your friend in need from wherever you are. After you have opened Messenger, tap on the chat and type ‘$’ followed by the amount you to send. Now click ‘Next’ to add your debit card number and then click on ‘Pay’.


  • Share Location: Within your Messenger, you can share your location with your friends. Tap on the three-dotted icon and then on Location. Now Turn On the location and let your friend know your current location.


  • Nominate your Account Holder: God forbid, if anything happens to, then you can nominate your Facebook account to any of your friends (or family). Click on Settings> Security Settings> Legacy Contact> Choose a friend.


While your Facebook experience must already be great, yet these Facebook tips and tricks will make it even better. Try them and out and let us know your experience with them. Do know any such cool tricks? Let us know in the comments section below!


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