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How-To, PC Optimization - 2021-12-18

How To Uninstall Unwanted Apps To Enhance PC Speed

There are two sorts of software on a PC: the operating system and applications. The majority of people use Microsoft Windows as their computer’s operating system, which is a very efficient operating system. However, it lacks all of the necessary apps and requires the installation of third-party apps to fulfill the duties. This article is…

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For Windows 10, How-To - 2021-12-09

How to Manage Your Apps on Windows 10 PC?

When you use a PC there are two types of software: The OS and APPs. Most people use Microsoft Windows as the operating system on their computers which is quite an efficient OS. However, it does not have all the required apps built-in and one must install third-party apps to complete the tasks. This article…

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Cyber Security, How-To - 2021-12-03

How To Remove Identity Traces From the Browser History

One of the most pressing concerns that we all have when using the internet is the protection of our identity traces that appear to be captured without our knowledge. All browsers capture some personal details to tailor search results to our preferences. While some argue that this approach saves us time and effort while searching…

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