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Tech News - 2019-01-11

CES 2019: Tech Trends That Will Dominate the Year 2019

If we talk in terms of tech and innovations, January 2019 has surely kicked off on a high note. Thanks to CES 2019, that has allowed many tech giants and enthusiasts to meet and gather at one common place where they can share their interests on a larger scale. Started on 8th of January, and…

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Tech News - 2020-07-31

AMD At CES 2019 With Radeon VII 7th Gen GPU

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) the company that has been lagging behind Nvidia for years is out with a bang. AT CES 2019 AMD unveiled its third generation Ryzen desktop processor and announced Radeon VII company’s first 7nm graphics chip that will give strong competition to Nvidia’s RTX 2080. The new Ryzen is said to launch…

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Tech News - 2019-01-11

CES 2019: 5 Bizarre Innovative Gizmos That Stole the Show

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is like a global stage where latest products and gadgets from around the world are showcased as it marks the future of technological advancements. For those of you who’re not aware, CES 2019 is actually happening right now in Las Vegas and more than 4,500 tech companies are exhibiting their products…

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Gadgets, Tech News - 2019-01-09

Best Tech Announced At CES 2019 So Far!

With various big announcements made on day, 1 CES 2019 is in full swing. Looking at what happened on Day 1 we can expect a lot more in days to come. Here we bring for your best tech announced so far in CES 2019 on Day 1. We will we update the list as and…

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Tech News - 2019-01-08

Sony at CES 2019: From 8K TV to Everything Else

Sony’s new master 8K, 4K TVs debut at CES 2019. Sony never misses a chance to show off its latest products at CES the biggest electronics show of the year. At Las Vegas this year Sony did not offer a slew of product announcements. Instead, it reminded the world of what a gratified powerhouse it…

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Gadgets, Tech News - 2020-07-16

CES 2019: Best Gaming Laptops To Buy

CES 2019 is here and we are all too excited about it. Hundreds of new products will be showcased this year by more than 4500 companies from over 150 countries will be delivering technology at its best. At CES 2019, this year’s best gaming laptops will be unveiled that would have the most powerful configurations…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.