Syncing Clipboards Between Mac and Windows Just Got Easier!

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Will you believe us if we say that you could easily copy content between MacOS and Windows? No, we are not talking about sharing or emails! Ever wish you could hit copy something on one computer, and then it automatically gets pasted on the second one. Well, yes it is possible!

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A free application named 1Clipboard allows you to sync clipboards between Windows and MacOS. It utilizes your Google Drive record to sync your clipboard between any number of MacOS and Windows devices, and furthermore gives you access to your clipboard history as well. This is one pretty decent option if you happen to frequently switch systems—especially in the case you’re using a similar mouse and console.

Let’s see how this app works.

How to Sync Clipboards between Windows and MacOS

Like they say, first things first! Download the 1Clipboard Application from their home page before you proceed further. Once the app is installed on your respective system then follow these steps:

  1. The initial setup page of the app will display two options. Either you can use the app by syncing it with your Google account or you can switch to the local option. We will picking the first one.

1 clipboard

2. Now sign in with your Google Account and access all the permissions to app to move further. Repeat these steps on every computer you want your clipboard to sync to.

google account 1 clipboard3. After you’ve set up 1Clipboard on each one of your PCs, copy something on one PC, and it will automatically be on your clipboard on the other device. You can even browse your clipboard history by clicking the icon in the system tray on Windows and the menu bar on MacOS.

recent clipboards

4. Simply click anything, and it will be sent to the clipboard immediately. You can also “star” the previously copied items in case you wish to use them in future. You can browse your featured things by tapping the Start button in the left-hand sidebar.

starred clipboards

5. Yes, there’s a search button too! If you’re attempting to look for items which you copied a few days ago it can be quite useful.

search 1 clipboard

6. The fourth button on the menu bar, with three dots, gives you access to a couple of settings features.

Like we said earlier, isn’t it the simplest way to copy data between Windows and Mac? It’s an incredible approach to guarantee so you never lose anything that you copy to your clipboard, and the most ideal way you’ll ever come across to sync your clipboard amongst Windows and MacOS operating system.

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Feel free to share your feedback and let us know how well it worked out for you!

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