Signal vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative?

WhatsApp has been in the news after it changed its privacy policy in some of the countries across the globe. According to this new policy, WhatsApp will be able to share the user’s data with its parent company, Facebook which then can be used for marketing purposes. With this policy in effect from Feb 8, 2021, in India, many would not consider allowing this and would switch to other instant messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. This guide will help you make the switch to a WhatsApp alternative in the quest of Signal vs Telegram.

Signal is owned by a non-profit organization, while Telegram is owned by a for-profit company.

Signal vs Telegram: Which is the Best WhatsApp alternative

Point 1: Similarities

Before we jump to conclusions, let us check the similarities between both these apps similar to WhatsApp. The below table will help understand the facts clearly:

Features Signal Telegram
Stickers Yes Yes
Photo Yes Yes
File Transfers Yes Yes
Voice Calls Yes Yes
Video Calls Yes Yes
Multi-Platform iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android
Cost Free Free
Desktop Apps Yes Yes
Download Link

Note: Signal & Telegram are more secure than the SMS that can be easily accessed by your Network provider and both these apps have no connection to WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other app whatsoever.

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Point 2: Advantages Of Signal Over Telegram

Signal vs Telegram
Image: Google

There are certain differences observed when comparing Signal and Telegram to find out the best WhatsApp Alternative. I have tried to mention all those differences that would impact decision making while choosing one.

Difference 1: Encrypted Chats

Signal vs Telegram
Image: Google

Signal offers end-to-end encryption between two devices which means no one, including the Signal itself can ever read or see your messages. This applies to all the chats done using Signal app, whereas Telegram offers the same facility only if you initiate a Secret Chat feature. The remaining chats made in Telegram are not shared but can be read by Telegram administration. 

Another important fact is that all the chats, including group chats, are encrypted in Signal but in Telegram, a Secret Chat feature can be initiated only between two people. This implies that all the group chats done with Telegram are not encrypted.

Difference 2: Chat Storage

Signal offers ultimate privacy by storing your chats on your device only. However, all the conversations made using Telegram are stored on Telegram’s Servers which means they can be read on other devices using the same account login. While this may be considered as a negative point, many Signal users are happy that their messages cannot be read or accessed under any circumstances.

Difference 3: Open Source

Signal vs Telegram

Signal is an open-source application in all aspects which means the client and server codes can be obtained on GitHub for free. The Telegram client app is open-source but the Server code on Telegram is managed by Telegram administration only.

Difference 4: Purpose

The Signal Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is run on donations which highlights the uncertainty of the Signal app’s existence. On the other hand, Telegram is bound to remain for a long time if the profit continues. It is a for-profit organization and offers a variety of plans that can be bought for extra features.

Difference 5: Ample features

  • Signal allows its users to share files up to 100 MB only as compared to Telegram that allows files up to 2 GB in size. 
  • The group chat feature in Telegram can remarkably add 200,000 users in a group chat while Signal allows a meager number of up to 1000 users.
  • Telegram allows users to sign in to a web based application and continue your conversation from where you last left it. But as Signal’s chats are stored on respective devices only, they cannot be accessed from different devices.
  • Signal does not allow users to add bots as this compromises the private encryption procedure. However, Telegram does recognize the use of bots for business users and has added this as a feature.
  • Personally speaking, in my opinion, Telegram has a better-animated sticker pack and customizable background images for users to choose from which I must say are currently absent from Signal’s interface.

The Final Word On Signal VS Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative?

If you are still wondering which is the best WhatsApp alternative in Signal vs Telegram, then you are not alone as I too was confused to choose one considering the benefits and limitations of either one. However, here is what I have deduced from the above differences:

  • Ultimate Privacy: Signal
  • Ample Features: Telegram (Bots, large file transfers, stickers, app interface)

Remember two other factors must be considered while you make this decision and they are really important:

  1. Ask your family and friends as to which app they have considered or are making the switch at all?
  2. Do you want to sign in to multiple devices or a web app and access your chats and synchronize them across all devices? (If yes, then you have to opt for Telegram)

Finally, Change is Inevitable and so are the features of applications installed. One great change was the privacy policy of WhatsApp and this means that there can be other changes in policy, features, and terms of use of any application. Stay Updated!

For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. We would love to get back to you with a solution. We regularly post tips and tricks, along with answers to common issues related to technology.


  • comment_avtar
    I am using telegram and i like it but singal is very new and not up to the mark so best alternative is telegram.

    3 years ago

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