How To Set Reminders On Windows PC

When your plate is full, it’s easy to forget things, but fortunately, Windows provides several options to establish reminders. So that you never forget to submit a paper on time or drink water regularly, you may set up a one-time or recurring reminder based on your schedule.

How To Set Reminders On Windows PC

1. How To Use Cortana To Set A Reminder

Windows may be instructed to remind you of something by just typing this command. Possibly, you’ve previously disabled Cortana if you can’t find it. Use the Win + C keyboard shortcut to launch Cortana. You can ask her to set a reminder using your microphone once you’ve signed in. Of course, you can just type the command for Cortana if you’ve forbidden her from utilizing the computer’s microphone.


You may use Cortana to set a reminder in Microsoft To-Do, which comes pre-installed with Windows 11. However, you can immediately set up a reminder using Microsoft To-Do if you don’t like Cortana.

2. Using Microsoft To-Do To Set A Reminder

Step 1: Launch the Best match after opening Windows Search and typing “Microsoft To-Do.”

Step 2: Click Add task when the application opens. Give the assignment a name, then select “Plus.”

Step 3: Click the assignment. A sidebar will appear from the right and slide in. Choose the Remind me checkbox.

Step 4: Choose to Pick a date and time. When you wish to be reminded, enter the date and time.


Step 5: Click on Repeat > Custom and choose how often you want to be reminded about the task if you want to make a recurring reminder. The most significant frequency is “Daily,” which makes To-Do considerably more appropriate for daily or weekly activities and less suitable for hourly reminders.

3. Use Microsoft Calendar To Set A Reminder

The most recent versions of Windows also come with Microsoft Calendar pre-installed. You can use it to schedule reminders, just like Microsoft To-Do.

Step 1: Use Windows Search to look up “Microsoft Calendar” and click on the best match.

Step 2: Once the app has started, select any date. A pop-up window allowing you to create an event for the chosen day will appear.


Step 3: In the Event name field, type the name of the task you wish to be reminded about. Next, select “More details.”

Step 4: Select a period after unchecking the box to the left of All day. Afterward, decide when you want to be reminded of the occasion or assignment.


Step 5: By selecting Repeat, you can also establish a recurring reminder. However, you can only schedule daily recurring reminders. Reminders every hour are not an option.

4. Decide To Remind Task Scheduler Usage

Windows’s Task Scheduler is an outdated program. Although many of its capabilities are no longer supported, you may still use it to establish one-time and periodic reminders on Windows.

Step 1: Find Task Scheduler in the Start Menu and choose the best match.

Step 2: Select “Create Basic Task” from the menu.


Step 3: Click Next after entering the task’s name and description.

Step 4: Pick a regular interval. Hourly reminders are not one of your options, but you do have a few others.

Step 5: Once finished, press Next. Select a date and time, and enter a value for your chosen recurring frequency.


Step 6: Go to the next screen and click Start a program. Two further options for sending emails or showing messages are available, but both have been deprecated.

Step 7: You’ll have the choice of selecting a program after clicking Next. You might think about using any simple tool, like Notepad, as a command to complete the work.

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The Final Word On How To Set Reminders on Windows PC

There are many programs and features in Windows that let you establish reminders. You’ll need to utilize a third-party task management tool to create hourly reminders. Consider using your mobile phone if you’re seeking a more effective approach. You’re less likely to forget a reminder since you are more likely to carry a mobile phone when you’re not at work.

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