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Following the annual tradition of an early March look of next version of Android, the search giant has finally released its first preview of Android Q for developers, yesterday.

And it’s looking glorious! There are bunch of new useful features baked in the new mobile OS version.  Let’s’ check them out!

What’s Inside Android Q Program?

Looks like, Privacy is the major focus on Android Q. Take a look at some of the major features & changes introduced with the new OS.

Privacy & Security:

  • With the new Android Q, users would be allowed to give apps permission without letting developers see their location.
  • New ‘runtime permissions’ will be incorporated that let users control app access to the Photos, Videos & Music.
  • Android Q will prevent mobile applications from launching an ‘Activity’ while running in the background.
  • Developers would be restrained for using a high-priority notification.
  • The new mobile OS version will also limit the access to device IMEI, serial number, MAC address & other information when connected to Wi-Fi’s.
Android Q
Source: 9to5Google

Other Features:

  • Full gesture navigation & better multitasking.
  • Emergency shortcut in Power menu.
  • Haptic feedback while selecting texts.
  • Revamped ‘App Info’ page.

App Info

  • New ‘Enter Key’ introduced in the keypad.

Enter Key

  • Updated APK installer UI.
  • Fresh ‘Notification Bell’ icon.
  • Wi-Fi settings get QR code sharing for easy connect.

Wi-Fi settings


  • Android Pie’s ‘Night mode’ settings are replaced by the system-wide ‘Dark Theme’ in Android Q.
  • ‘Material Theme’ for File Explorer.
  • Newly added ‘Screen recorder’.

Screen recorder


And a lot more! You can undoubtedly expect more user-centric improvements and features with upcoming Beta programs!

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How To Enroll The Android Q Beta Program On Your Pixel Phone?

To immediately get Android Q Beta 1 program on your Pixel phone, follow the quick steps below:

  1. To enroll your device, simply head towards to Android Q Beta Sign-Up page.
  2. Ensure you have a compatible device > click ‘Opt-In’ > Accept T&C > click ‘Join Beta’.
  3. Now keep patience, let Google do some magic to update your device on their servers. Once done, just head over to your smartphone’s Settings > click ‘System’ > hit ‘Advanced’ > find new ‘Android Q’ update under ‘System Updates’.

Perhaps the most important question of all, what will the new Android Q be called? Some anticipations have been made, while we think it could be known as ‘Quiche’, ‘Quesito’ or maybe ‘Queen of Puddings’.

What do you think?

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