How to Save Data & Power while Surfing on Android?

Did you know that when you browse the internet on your Android Device, you are consuming Internet data and battery power? Of course, there is no way to avoid this, but we can surely reduce the data being consumed by preventing ads from loading on your device while surfing. Advertisements placed on websites consume mobile data and this, in turn, results in the consumption of more battery power. With Private Browser Care, a lightweight browser app, you can surf online without ads and thus save data and power.

What Makes Private Browser Care Better Than Other Browsers?

Private Browser Care

In contrast to other browsers, Private Browser Care does not keep any data or recordings of your browsing behavior, including history. Because there are no servers associated with this application to retain or analyze data, you may be assured that no one other than your ISP will be aware of your surfing activities.

Note that your Internet service provider (ISP) can always track your online activities through your Digital Footprints. The goal of adopting Private Browser Care is to prevent Ecommerce and other marketing behemoths from accessing your personal information and displaying Personalized/ Customized adverts on your computer.

Features Of Private Browser Care.

how to block ads on android

Faster Browsing is one of the other benefits of Private Browser Care.

Private Browser Care is a lightweight browser that does not support add-ons, which is advantageous because it loads and displays web pages quickly.

Various Browsing Modes

One of the most prevalent problems with Android browsers is that they display the website’s mobile version, which is small and lacks all of the information. One of the few mobile browsers that allow you to convert between desktop and mobile mode is Private Browser Care.

Integrated ad blocker

One of the best advantages of Private browser Care is the built-in Adblocker, which can prevent all annoying ads from loading and showing while viewing the web page.

Ads slow down websites and load trackers that collect information about your browsing activities and send it back to the advertiser’s servers

Less Data Consumption

Private Browsing Care does not display advertisements and does not keep your browsing history in a database. These activities necessitate the use of internet data, therefore Private Browser Care conserves your data and only uses as much as is necessary for your browsing needs.

How to Save Data & Power while Surfing on Android

Without any professional training, anyone may use Private Browser Care because it is a simple, convenient, and quick-to-use tool. To download, install, and use this browser on your Android device, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download Private Browser Care, or click the link below:

Step 2: To open the app, tap on the shortcut.

Step 3: On the top row, near the address bar, tap the No Ads circle.

how to block ads on android

Step 4: In the address field, type the web address and press Enter.

Step 5: To add several pages to your current browsing session, click the number in the square box in the top row.

block ads on android

Step 6: To access the Settings, Bookmarks, and Switch between different browsing modes, click the three dots in the upper right corner.

adblock chrome android

The Final Word On How to Save Data & Power while Surfing on Android?

Private Browsing Care is a well-designed program that is desperately needed now that most browsers can’t be trusted. Some well-known browsers have been discovered to sell user surfing data to marketing organizations for commercial gain. While the question of whether browsers are safe to use remains unanswered, we now have one that is guaranteed to be free of data collection and sale for commercial gain. Private Browser Care takes it a step further by blocking all unwanted advertisements that use up our internet traffic, slow down our browsing, install trackers, and persuade us to buy something we don’t need.

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