What To Do When Roblox Is Not Opening Or Working On Android/iOS (2024)

Playing Roblox games is never trouble-free, regardless of the platform you choose. Many users have complained about Roblox occasionally stopping on their iPad, iPhone, or Android device, causing frustration.  This post contains some helpful advice that can be helpful if you’ve already tried resetting your device or ruling out problems with your internet connection.

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Why Does Roblox Not Launch On iPad, iPhone, Or Android?

Connection problems are a typical cause of Roblox not loading or opening on your phone or tablet. This may occur if the Roblox game servers are down or if your device is configured according to the wrong date or time. Additionally, Roblox may crash frequently if you play it on an outdated or unsuitable device. Increasing the quality of Roblox’s in-game graphics may also cause this problem, particularly on devices with lower specs. Additionally,  if the current cache data linked with Roblox becomes corrupted, the game might fail to  open on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

How To Fix Roblox Not Opening On Mobile Devices?

Method 1: Try These Simple Fixes First


Making sure your phone or tablet is Roblox compatible should be your first step, especially if you are using an older device. Roblox may not open or may crash if your Android, iPhone, or iPad does not fulfill the system requirements. Visit Roblox’s server status page to make sure there are no problems. This is another thing you should do. You have to wait till the Roblox servers are back up and running if there is an issue.

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Method 2: Verify The Time And Date On Your Device

Incorrect date or time settings on your phone may affect Roblox’s ability to connect to its servers, which could lead to potential issues. You must set your device to use the default date and time that are provided by your Network Provider.

Android Users Can Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Go to General Management by opening the Settings app.

General Management

Step 2: Toggle the switch next to Automatic date and time by tapping on Date and time.

Date and time

iPhone Users Can Follow These Steps:

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app and select General.


Step 2: Tap Date & Time, then slide the toggle next to Set Automatically to the ON position.

Set Automatically

After following the preceding instructions, try playing Roblox to see whether the problem persists.

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Method 3: Delete The Roblox Cache

The cache data that Roblox has accumulated on your phone may have been altered. If so, Roblox may fail to launch at all or might crash repeatedly. To check if this resolves the issue, you can try wiping the Roblox cache on your phone or tablet.

Follow these instructions to empty the Roblox app cache on your Android device:

Step 1. On your phone, long touch the Roblox app icon, then select the info symbol from the menu that appears.

Roblox Cache

Step 2. Select Storage from the menu, then click the Clear Cache button in the lower right corner.


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iPhone users can follow these steps –

Step 1: Navigate to General > iPhone Storage after opening the Settings app.

iPhone Storage

Step 2: Locate Roblox by scrolling down the list, then tap on it.

Locate Roblox

Step 3: Tap Offload App.

Offload App

Step 4: To restore the app, select Reinstall App.

Reinstall App

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Method 4: Adjust The Graphics And Animation Quality Of The Game

Have you recently enhanced the graphics and animation quality of your Roblox game? This might cause Roblox to function erratically and display odd alerts like low-memory warnings. To mitigate this, you can try the following steps to reduce the quality of the in-game graphics and animations:

Step 1: Launch Roblox and launch your preferred game. In the upper left corner, tap the Roblox icon.

Step 2:  Navigate to the Settings tab and select Manual for the Graphics Mode. Then, to reduce the quality of the in-game graphics hit the minus icon next to Graphics Quality.

Animation Quality

Step 3: Turn on the Reduced Motion.

reduce motion

Step 4: Go back to your Roblox game and see if it functions properly.

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Method 5. Install Or Update Roblox

The Roblox app on your phone or tablet is probably either out-of-date or has bugs if the aforementioned fixes don’t work. Updates for Roblox from the Play Store or App Store ought to fix issues in these situations.

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Bonus: Use Smart Phone Cleaner to Optimize Your Phone

phone cleaner

The indispensable phone cleaner app, Smart Phone Cleaner, has amazing functions that can improve your phone. The app’s one-tap booster feature clears the cache and improves your Android phone’s overall performance.

With just one click, you can clear out unwanted files from your device and free up a significant amount of storage space. Smart Phone Cleaner continuously monitors the battery life on your device, checks for apps that drain energy, and turns them off, if needed. This clever tool is also capable of finding duplicate and redundant files on your device, including documents, audio files, images, and more to reclaim space. It also removes garbage files and cached data.

For Android –

For iOS –

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The Final Word On Fixes For Roblox Not Opening Or Working On Android/iOS

Users can resolve issues preventing Roblox from opening or working properly on Android/iOS devices by implementing these targeted fixes and troubleshooting steps. These solutions aim to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable Roblox experience on mobile platforms, allowing users to access and enjoy the game without interruptions. Using a dedicated mobile phone cleaning application like Smart Phone Cleaner can help you enhance overall gaming performance with the help of dedicated gaming mode. Go through this detailed review to learn more about this application! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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