Recent Skype Features To Ease The Interview Process

Skype, a program that introduced us to the world of video calling and quite literally made video conferencing truly charismatic experience. This breakthrough video calling/conferencing software from Microsoft paved way for millions of conferences remotely since its inception.

This easy to use software was once the indisputable king in video conferencing apps, faced a tough competition from various other video calling software. However, a recent addition of some new features in Skype in the past few months seems to put it back on the track.

Here in this article, we have listed 3 recent Skype features that will surely force you to reconsider your decision for leaving Skype for any other video calling/conferencing program that too when it comes to an interview.

Skype Built-In Code Editor

skype built in code editor

If anyone of you had ever gone through a remote technical interview then he surely has experienced the pain of coding and talking to the interviewer simultaneously. He would be continuously switching back and forth between the call and a code editor using two different applications, one for call and other for code editing.

However, the new Skype Interview feature allows you to continue on a video call with the interviewer on top of a Skype built-in code editor. Moreover, this built-in Skype code editor supports 7 popular programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

As per Skype, “We want to help people with this process, with the launch of a new preview feature at that helps you conduct technical interviews”.

Feeling excited, let’s check out how it exactly works:

1. In the address bar of your browser window type, or click here.

2. Now in the web page that opens click on Start interview now.

step 2

3. This will generate a unique link that is valid for 48 hours.

step 3

4. Copy this link and share with the other person who just needs to click on it to join the session.

Also, please note once you are in the middle of the interview you can any time switch between the various programming languages that Skype code editor supports.

Skype Shared Digital Whiteboard

skype shared digital whiteboard

After giving all new rich experience to technical interviews by introducing code editor Skype has further added a new dimension by introducing digital whiteboard that will help both interviewer and interviewee to demonstrate their ideas and thoughts via diagrams along with visualizing problems.

Wish to know how it works? Then here you go:

1. Sign into

2. Now click on the whiteboard icon located in the left bar below code editor.

whiteboard step 2

3. Now as per your requirement you can use various available tools like pencil, line, shape, text to illustrate your ideas.

4. After the completion of your interview you can save and archive a copy of whiteboard in case needed for future references as SVG file. This file can be opened on system having either Windows or Mac operating system installed.

As per Skype, “The real-time digital whiteboard makes interviews overall a more collaborative experience—one where the participants will able to visualize their thoughts and ideas, and read back key takeaways after the fact.

Skype Interview Scheduler:

After getting these two stupendous features, if you wish more from Skype, then you can. Yes, as scheduling an interview that was till date seems to be an uphill task will become relatively simplified by Skype Interview Scheduler.

Wish to know how to get started with interview scheduler just go through the steps below:

1. Sign in to Skype Interview Scheduler, and click on Schedule new interview.

interview step 1

2. Now choose the type of interview that you wish to schedule.

interview step 23. Now to schedule a interview type in the candidate and interviewer’s name along with their email address. If you are yourself an interviewer then check mark the option I will conduct the interview myself. Click Next to proceed.

interview step 3

4. Next is to schedule the timings for the interview. You can either schedule it manually or use a Smart schedule option. One can also describe the duration of the interview. Click on Send Invitation to send an invitation.

interview step 4

Now the scheduler automatically sends a notification to the candidate.

After the candidate picks a timeslot, a calendar invite is sent to both candidate and interviewer that they can click to join the interview right from the email they received. If as a candidate you do not have a Skype id they also no worries as you can use your Google or LinkedIn account to sign in.

Moreover, an interviewer or recruiter can see the time slot selected by the applicant right on Skype Interviews dashboard. He can also make further changes to interviews in case required.

These new features that are integrated to Skype will surely make the interview process simpler and easier not only for the candidate but also for the recruiter.

Hope all of our readers found this article useful. If you have any feedback or comment regarding the article then please share it in the box below. We always love to hear back from our avid readers.

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