Pubg Mobile: Tips And Tricks For Survival In Erangel

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is the new trending battle royale, as it has now broken the 10 million daily active users mark.

Regarding which, Tencent Games on its official PUBG Mobile Twitter handle tweeted some facts about the game till now, that are shown in the image given below.

pubg mobile
Source: bgr

This image shows that 6,662,425,871 Kms were covered by overall players across the globe till now. And Pochinki is the most common landing spot in the game.

At first, PUBG was released by Bluehole on PC and Xbox One, but when Tencent, which converted PUBG to mobile version for both Android and iOS, things went a little out of hand. It became the most popular and number one games for mobile.

100 players together on a plane, ready to fight each other, that’s where the story begins. And everyone comes with only one thing in mind that is how to survive and take Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. However, many of them don’t succeed, as only the top one wins the game. But, don’t worry, today we are here with the article on PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that will surely take you in top list and who knows, you might even win the game with these PUBG tips.

Beginning Now!

Land At Most Uncommon Spots

Land At Most Uncommon Spots

As we all know, the game is of approx. half an hour, and if you don’t land carefully things can go pretty wrong and out of hands.

So, the first PUBG Mobile tip is, landing on most uncommon spots. This will ensure you that there are no other players or teams around you and will get you more time to collect weapons and loot other things for survival.

Whereas, while landing on most common spots will put you in haphazard situation. The most common spots for landing is Pochinki, School, Sosnovka Military Base and Mylta Power.

The most uncommon spots for landing, but the highest value loot areas where you can get lots of weapons are Shipping Dock, Prison, Mansion and Power Plant. And, obviously try not to land in water.

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Shoot Only When Enemy Is In Range

Shoot Only When Enemy Is In Range

Second, on the list of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks is, shoot the enemy when in range. If you have any experience in first person shooter gaming or have played player vs player games then you should have an idea about this. But, if you are a beginner, this could be a helpful PUBG tip to take a ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. It can be a little time taking in the beginning but once you are through, you will be able to slay enemies in just a few shots.

Well, Shotguns and SMGs are for close range firing and when rounds shot at longer distances it loses its effectiveness. Whereas, assault rifles like AKM and M16, are used for both the shorter and longer distances and are best known for the knocking out the enemies.

There are also some sniper rifles like kar98k, M24 and AWM that work well for long distance shooting. Out of which AWM is the most powerful and the best sniper rifle.

Use Of Hawkeye or Freeview Is Must

Use Of Hawkeye or Freeview Is Must

This is must PUBG tip for the players. Using Hawkeye gives you full view of the map. Through which you will be able to look around 360-degree in any direction. But, in case of PUBG FPS mode, this feature is restricted to 180-degree only.

By using Freeview, you could easily spot enemies running besides or behind you. Keeping an eye on what’s going on near you is definitely necessary for the survival.

Paying Attention To Map Is Necessary

It will take time for the beginners to understand the map. Knowing the map will let you know about the safe zone. Whether you are in safe zone or not. As you further move into the game ‘The Circle Of Death’ will start shrinking, according to which players have to keep moving to the safe zone. If the players stay out of the Circle of Death then the health will start decreasing with time, and within minutes you will be dead. So, to stay alive and for ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’, it a very necessary PUBG tip to always keep looking at the map while on the move.

Not only it tells about the death of circle, but also about from where the shots are being fired, if it is a Red Zone or not and also shows you the footsteps of enemies around you.

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Shoot First, Revive Later

Shoot First, Revive Later
Source: HowStructions

If you are playing with your gang or squad, and if they’re knocked out by enemy, then it is recommended to kill the enemy first and revive your teammate later.

This is the most important PUBG Mobile tip and trick that most of the players lack. You don’t have to hurry every time to revive your mate, first just wait and acknowledge where the enemy is and once you know his position, try to kill him first than to revive your friend.

Otherwise, what most players do is, they instantly run towards their mate to revive him, which makes it easy for enemy to kill you as well. So, don’t hurry! As hurrying up can cost your life too.

Loot As Much As You Can

Loot As Much As You Can

This is almost like a requisite for PUBG. As soon as you land, the first thing is getting yourself fully equipped with weapons and medics. For this, you will find loots in almost each & every house and building. And with time, airplane drops supply crates with some heavy weapons like AWM sniper rifle, camouflage suit, etc.

Make sure you don’t rush out of bag limit. Take only what is necessary. The most necessary things to loot first is one short range and one long range weapon, a backpack level 3 would do good, some ammo and bombs, armor and medics. So, grab these things at first priority before getting into any engagement with enemy.

Wheels Are Always Better Than To Be On Foot

Wheels Are Always Better Than To Be On Foot

This is the most basic PUBG Mobile tip to remember. If you are out of the circle or need to go somewhere fast, then wheels are the best choice than to cover that distance on foot.

In PUBG Erangel map, vehicles can be spotted very easily along the roadsides or in large cities like Pochinki and Mansion. But, before approaching the vehicle it’s better to be sure that there is no one else approaching that vehicle and you are safe.

Well if you are playing in Duo mode than it is better that you go for buggy or motorcycle. Whereas, if you are playing with the whole squad then it is recommended that you choose jeep, which can carry four players at a time. So, next time before taking a long run, find yourself a vehicle accordingly if possible.

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Keep In Touch With Your Squad

This is an important PUBG Mobile tip and trick to use. As this is very necessary that you keep in touch with your squad when left alone. This will let squad mates know of your presence and location where you are. Plus, you can guide other mates as well, whether if there is an enemy or not, or if there a whole group and in case you need help, or when the supply crate is dropped. This is not all, you can also communicate with the mates after you are dead. This can be done while spectating. As this can be helpful for your team to win the battle royale.

Consume Energy Drink Before Taking A Long Run Or Swimming

Consume Energy Drink Before Taking A Long Run Or Swimming
Source: GameCrate

Most of the players are unaware of the fact that energy drink increases the boost by 40%, which lasts for approximately 2 minutes. Energy drink also increases character’s health, so if your health is above 75% and you want to still raise the bar, then energy drink is the things you need to consume, as it will rapidly increase health and running speed as well.

So, it is strongly recommended that if you are thinking of taking a long run or thinking of swimming your way out, then energy drink is must for you.

It’s Always Better To Hide, Peek And Kill

It Always Better To Hide Peek And Kill

This is one of the most valued and strongly recommended PUBG Mobile tip for all the players. To take Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, it’s always better that when you see an enemy approaching you or going somewhere else, hide first, then take a glance, where he is moving, and then shoot to kill.

This will give you time to choose the weapon, and also to take a proper shot at him.

8x CQBSS Scope and Ghillie Suit Are The Key For Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

8x CQBSS Scope and Ghillie Suit Are The Key For Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Source: vg247

Ahh! What a journey it would be if you had 8x Scope with Ghillie Suit. This PUBG Mobile tip will take you to the top 10 for sure.

First, let’s talk about 8x CQBSS Scope. It is a must have attachment for all the players, as it magnifies your view of the field by 7.25 times when aiming. It is very helpful for scouting when scouting from a long distance. But, when it comes to shorter range, 8x scope becomes useless, as you can’t aim properly when enemy is close. Plus, it is always better to use 8x scope in PUBG Mobile from a high point.

Bonus Tip For Using 8x scope in PUBG Mobile – It is recommended that you switch to single mode from burst mode while using 8x CQBSS Scope, as this will give you more accuracy for aiming at the enemy.

Now, let’s talk about ghillie Suit. This suit is rare to find and is very useful during the last minutes. It is a camouflage suit that covers the player in green leaves, making him difficult to spot by enemy. This suit can be looted from the airdrop supply crate.

This suit hides you completely in PUBGs Erangel map, where you can lie down in grass wearing ghillie suit, making it difficult for enemies to find you. But, please note that your weapons and bag is still visible on your back by enemies. So, stay where it’s more green and is at some high point.

Well, these two will definitely take you to the last, and if you play smart then surely Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is yours.

So, this was all guys! This is the list of some of the most important PUBG Tips and Tricks for survival in Erangel Map. Make sure, you go highly equipped, and take a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. And, last but not the least, this is the game of patience and smartness, so don’t rush guys, you will surely make it to the top.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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