PIN not Working on Windows 10? Here’s the Fix!

Is your PIN not working on Windows 10? Did you give an incorrect PIN or their was no error still PIN is not being accepted by your computer? Choosing a strong password is not as challenging as you think. Just remember the two ground rules. First, it should be hard to guess, and second, just ensure that it is easy to remember. Well, yes, choosing your first name or DOB just won’t do the trick. Hackers and cybercriminals are smarter than you think. So, before we begin our guide on how to fix the “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue, make sure you pick a strong password to protect all your accounts and sensitive data.


Each time you log in to your Windows PC, you have to enter your 4-digit Windows PIN, isn’t it? However, if Windows 10 PIN suddenly stops working, it will surely make you wonder what went wrong. Once you enter the correct PIN to log in to your device, your identification details are authenticated, Windows redirects you to the Desktop.

Stuck with the “Something went wrong, your PIN isn’t available” error message? If you’re unable to create or set up a PIN on your Windows PC, we have listed a few troubleshooting methods that you can try for fixing this issue.

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What is a Windows PIN?

A Windows PIN is a unique set of numerical digits, letters, and characters that you can use to keep your device secure. Whenever you turn on or restart your device, Windows prompts you to enter the PIN for logging in to your system.


Your Windows PIN is securely stored on your device. Most users have a misconception of relating the PIN with their Microsoft account password. So, the PIN that you use to access your device is different from the Microsoft account password.

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How to Fix the “Windows 10 PIN not working” Issue?

#1 Access the NGC Folder

Windows has its dedicated NGC folder that stores the PIN and other related information. So, if somehow the NGC folder stored on your device becomes corrupt, you may not be able to use or create a new PIN on your device. Hence, to get past this issue, we will try to access the NGC folder on Windows and delete all the content that is stored inside to start afresh.

Launch the File Explorer on Windows.

Navigate to the following location.


Now, right-click on the NGC folder and select “Properties”.


In the NGC folder’s properties window, switch to the “Security” tab. Hit on “Advanced”.


Tap on the “Change” link placed, next to the “Owner” option.


In the “Enter the object name to select” text field, enter “Administrator”. Tap on “Check Names” and then hit on OK.


Now check on the “Replace owners or subcontainers or objects”. Hit on the OK and Apply buttons to save the recent changes.


After making the above-listed changes, you will be able to open the NGC folder and view the stored content.

Head back to the Local Microsoft folder location where the NGC folder was listed. Tap on it to access the folder items. Select all the items and then delete everything that is stored inside.

Also, if you are still facing any permissions-related issues when trying to access the NGC folder, this little trick can help you get through.

Launch Command Prompt in Admin mode.


Type the following command and hit Enter to execute it.


After executing this command, exit the Command Line Terminal and then try accessing the NGC folder again to check if you’re still facing any issues.

Once you delete all the content that is stored inside the NGC folder, you can easily create a new PIN on your Windows 10/11 PC.

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#2 Delete the Existing PIN

By deleting or removing the existing PIN, you can recreate a new PIN to start afresh. Here’s what you need to do.

Tap on the Windows icon placed on the Taskbar, open Settings. Select “Accounts”.

Switch to the “Sign-in Options” section from the left menu pane.

Tap on the “Remove” button placed below “PIN”.


Windows will pop a confirmation alter whether you’re sure about removing the existing PIN. Tap on “Remove” to proceed.


In the next step, you will have to enter your Microsoft account password to verify your authentication.

And that’s it!

After deleting the existing PIN, you can easily start afresh and create a new PIN on your device.


Head back to the “Sign-in options” window and create a new PIN to secure your device.

#3 Remove the Laptop Battery

Another useful hack to fix the “PIN not working” issue on Windows 10 is by removing the laptop battery.


Once you remove your laptop’s battery, it disconnects your device from the Power adapter. So, remove the battery and then reconnect it after a few minutes.

Well, yes, this may sound pretty bizarre but most users have claimed that this hack pretty much works like wonders and helps you in getting past the issue.

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Here were the 3 most useful and effective troubleshooting solutions to fix the “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue. You can use any of the above-mentioned resolutions for fixing any PIN-related or sign-up issues on your device.

For any other queries or assistance, feel free to use the comments section!

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