7 Best PayPal Alternatives For Freelancers [2023]

We know that PayPal is indeed the best way to transfer and receive money from anywhere and anytime. But we need PayPal alternatives when there are bars like the country’s internal economic disputes, high charges for transfer, freezing of accounts, and delay in withdrawing money from bank accounts.

This is where various popular alternatives to PayPal have come up with more or less similar features, probably lower processing fees, and instant bank account transfers. With that, let’s explore PayPal alternatives below and checkoutthe features of each of them.

7 Best PayPal Alternatives 2023

1. Zelle

Zelle - Paypal alternative

No fund transfer fees and secure peer to peer payment makes Zelle a perfect PayPal alternative! Within a span of a few minutes, your friend or family member can receive the payment removing the need for a wire transfer or other modes.

Features :

A strong backup of banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc. make it trustworthy.

When you enter the amount to be sent, the recipient will get a notification, which includes details related to procedure of payment

Using your mobile number or email, you can begin with the payment process. This makes the payment not only easy, but it also makes Zelle one of the best PayPal alternatives.

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2. Payoneer

Payoneer - sites like paypal

To empower business, small or medium, Payoneer is good to go alternative to PayPal. Your international payments can be easily received and sent while you are expanding your arms around the world.

Features :

Using Payoneer, you can find out available balance, currency and find out the past transactions.

You can easily recieve notifications about key financial transactions, special offers, account activity, etc.

An absolutely secure system that no one can break without your password or fingerprint. It is a perfect and amazing alternative to PayPal.

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3. Transfer Wise

Transfer Wise - apps like paypal

No hidden fees and real exchange rates are some of the pluses, you can find in this PayPal alternative. Whether you are a foreign student, businessman or freelancer, Transfer Wise is a wise decision.

Features :

One can even pay the bills in another country using this alternative to PayPal.

Supports multiple currencies like Euros, Dollar, Yen, and

You can make free accounts for different currencies and have a smooth transaction anytime.

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4. Stripe

Stripe - Paypal alternative payment method

Stripe is another alternative to PayPal that can accept payment on online store and even has an integration with most of the web stores. One time payment or recurring payment, Stripe is just a few clicks away.

Features :

Stripe Atlas Program helps people from those countries which are not listed in the Strip program. Yes, it opens a bank account for them.

One can send money in the form of local currencies and strong payment security.

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5. Wepay

Wepay - online payment method

Wepay is a card processing solution that supports the online payment system. It is quick to set up and easily navigable in order to secure & facilitate e-commerce transactions. A flexible API and well-tailored crowdfunding are the biggest advantages.

Features :

Wepay supports a huge range of payment systems, without charging any monthly payments.

Though it cannot accept payment from PayPal, its API is ideal for specific types of transactions.

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6. Skrill

Skrill - paypal payment method

Register, make secure payments and withdraw funds as quickly as possible. Moreover, one can store a number of cards, link bank accounts, make payments with a simple email address and what else you need.

Features :

Global support for more than 30 countries, whether a business account or personal.

The payment gateway is integrated with global brands like Facebook, eBay, Skype, etc. This indeed makes it another best PayPal alternative of the time.

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7. Google Pay

Google Pay - Paypal alternative

With the backup of Google security, Google Pay is undoubtedly the best PayPal alternatives of all the time. The striking feature is that you can pay and recieve money directly from the bank account, and the concept of virtual money doesn’t confuse anyone.

Features :

Pay anyone by writing UPI ID, bank detail, phone number or UPI code scanner.

Conveniently pay your bills and even get rewardin the form of cashback or other offers.

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If PayPal is not suitable to you, alternatives to PayPal are certainly waiting to get explored. Learn about them and enjoy amazing features that Payoneer, Transferwise, Google Pay, etc. are offering. Along with that, keep an eye on:

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