11 Tips To Resolve Outlook Cannot Connect To Server Issue

For decades and decades, Outlook has managed to prove itself as a reliable platform for sending, receiving, and managing your emails. Isn’t it? It has served as a standard emailing platform for both individuals as well as organizations. Microsoft Outlook is a secure email service that allows you to send/receive emails, organize your inbox, schedule important meetings and tasks, set reminders, and more.

Resolve Outlook Cannot Connect To Server
So, if you use Outlook as your primary email account, it clearly explains the reason why you are here! Stuck with the “Outlook cannot connect to server” error? Unable to access your emails on Microsoft Outlook? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

How To Resolve Outlook Cannot Connect To Server Issue

In this post, we have listed 9 useful solutions to resolve the Outlook that cannot connect to a server issue on Windows 10.

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1. Verify Your Credentials and Account Details

First things first, right? Just to be sure, let’s start by checking your credentials and account info to make sure you’re entering authentic details to log in. Here’s what you need to do.

Launch Outlook on your PC.

Resolve Outlook Cannot Connect To Server Issue
Tap on the “File” option and browse through Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.

Tap on your existing account title, remove it, and then re-enter all the credentials to start afresh.

2. Check Outlook’s Status

If you’re unable to connect to Outlook’s server, here’s a quick way to check Outlook’s current status.

Launch Outlook and then switch to the “Send and Receive” tab.

Check Outlook’s Status
You will see a “Work Offline” option on the bottom-right corner of the title bar. This indicates that Outlook is currently not connected to the server. Tap on this option, toggle the setting to check if this hack works.

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3. Microsoft Exchange Server Connection

To verify whether the Microsoft Exchange server is active, head on to Outlook’s setting to check the current status.

Microsoft Exchange Server Connection
Launch Outlook, tap the File icon. Navigate to Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.

If any issue exists with the Microsoft Exchange Server, you will see an orange-colored indicator icon next to it.

4. Switch to SSL Server

You can also try switching to the SSL server to connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server service.

Launch Outlook and head on to File> Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.

Select your email account from the list, tap on “Change”. Tap on “More Settings”.

In the Advanced Internet email settings window, switch to the “Advanced” tab.

Switch to SSL Server
Tap the drop-down next to “Use the following type of encrypted connection” and select “SSL”.

Hit the OK button to save your changes.

Exit all windows, re-launch Outlook to check if you’re still experiencing the “Outlook cannot connect to server issue”.

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5. Repair Outlook Account

To repair your Outlook account, follow these quick steps:

Launch Outlook and navigate to File> Info> Account and Social Network Settings> Account Settings.

Pick your Outlook account from the list and then hit the “Repair” button.

Repair Outlook Account
Enter your credentials to begin the Outlook repair process and follow the on-screen instructions listed on the wizard.

The Repair process will help you find out the underlying issues and allows Outlook to automatically fix network issues.

6. Use Stellar Repair For Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can easily crash due to the presence of any corrupted file or a misconfigured setting. Did you ever try considering a third-party repair tool to fix Outlook? Well, it’s never too late!


stellar repair for outlook

Download and install the Stellar Repair For Outlook tool on your device to fix the “Outlook cannot connect to server issue” in just a few clicks. With the help of this nifty tool, you can easily fix corrupt PST files without losing any of your data. Stellar PST recovery software is an efficient tool to recover lost emails, attachments, tasks, journals from corrupt PST files.

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7. Disable Outlook Extensions

If any third-party extensions or add-ons are interfering with your Outlook, it may trigger the “Outlook cannot connect to server issue” on your device. To resolve this issue, you can try disabling the plugins to check if it fixes the issue.

Launch Outlook and head on to File> Options> Add-ins.

Disable Outlook Extensions

Tap on the “Go” button placed underneath, uncheck all the extensions. Hit the OK button to save your recent changes.

Restart Outlook and see if it fixed the issue.

This fixes the Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server issues effectively. But if you are still facing issues, move on to the next method.

8. Rebuild Outlook Data File

If the above-mentioned workarounds did not prove useful, you can try rebuilding the Outlook data file. Follow these quick steps to rebuild the Outlook data file to fix network connectivity errors.

Launch Outlook and open Account settings.

Switch to the “Data files” tab in Account Settings. Pick your email account from the list and then tap the “Open File Location” option.

Rebuild Outlook Data File

Once you’ve arrived at the respective folder, rename the data file or simply move it to any other location.

Restart Outlook after following the above-listed steps to check if you’re still facing any trouble.

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9. Update Outlook –

It is possible that your application is outdated and it requires the latest version of Outlook to function properly. Therefore, check for the updated version of Outlook. Open Outlook, then go to File and then click on Office Account. Here go to Product Information and you will see Update Options where you need to click on Update Now.

Additionally, check for updating your Windows if you see any pending updates for your computer. To do so, open Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates and download and install any necessary updates available. 

Once done, restart your computer and see if the problem connecting to server Outlook is resolved or not.

10. Reinstall Outlook

Uninstalling and reinstalling MS Outlook can work as the last resort to give you a fresh start.

Press the Windows icon placed on the Taskbar, select the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.

In the Settings window, select “Apps and Features”.

Reinstall Outlook

Scroll through the list of programs to find Microsoft Outlook, tap on it. Hit the “Uninstall” button placed underneath.

Follow the on-screen instructions to completely uninstall MS Outlook from your device. Once the uninstallation process has been completed, download MS Outlook again from the manufacturer’s website.

11. Re-add You Email Address

This is something which might work for you as a temporary glitch can be responsible for Outlook unable to connect to server issue. To resolve this, first you need to remove the email account and then add it again. Follow these simple steps –

Open Outlook and then go to File and select Account Settings and then go to Data Files. Now, in this tab, head to Add option and create a new Outlook data file as you are about to remove your email account.

Re-add you email address

Next, go to the Email tab and here you can view your email account. You need to select it and then click on Remove.

Once you are done, restart the application and add your email account.


Here were the 9 most useful and effective ways to fix the “Outlook cannot connect to server issue” on Windows 10 devices. We hope the above-mentioned workarounds help you in fixing the Outlook connectivity errors.

For any other queries or assistance, feel free to drop your questions in the comments space!

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