How To Completely Uninstall Parallels Desktop from Mac

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Whether you need more storage space on your Mac or want to uninstall Parallels from Mac, you will surely like this guide. Here, we share two different ways to remove Parallels safely from Mac.

One is a manual method, and the other will be automatic.

For the automatic method, we will use the “Uninstall Apps” module offered by Cleanup My System.

What is Cleanup My System?

As the name entails, this software is a dedicated Mac cleaner & optimizer utility to tune up your Mac performance. It intelligently detects and effectively cleans unwanted data like – junk files, system cache, mail attachments, old/large files, etc. All these files not only clutter Mac but also slows down system performance significantly. Therefore, to keep your Mac optimized, choose the Cleanup My System application designed by Systweak Software. This tool not only manages unwanted files but also removes privacy & identity exposing traces to eliminate digital footprints.

Anyone running macOS 10.11 or later can use it easily without any hassles.

To know more about this fantastic mac cleaner, click here to read a detailed review.

Now that we know what is Cleanup My System is and how it helps to declutter Mac, let’s learn how to uninstall Parallels Desktop on Mac?


  1. Manual way to uninstall Parallels Desktop
  2. Automatic Way to delete Parallels Desktop from Mac using TuneUpMyMac

Before that, what is Parallels?

What is Parallels?

Parallels Desktop for Mac is virtualization software that helps run different operating systems like Windows, Linux on Mac. This app makes integrating Windows into Mac easy. Once you have it, you can use Windows and Mac side by side.

But say if you would want to uninstall Parallels on Mac then? We’ve got it covered. Here we discuss how to delete Parallels on Mac.

Manual way to uninstall Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop from Mac can be uninstalled in several ways. Here we discuss the workable fixes.

There’s a possibility that some processes corresponding to Parallels might still be running in the background. Therefore, before deleting Parallels, we need to make sure processes related to Parallels are not running. For this, we will use Activity Monitor

To access it and kill all Parallel related tasks follow the steps below:

  • Open Finder
  • Click Finder bar > Go > Utilities
  • Select Activity Monitor and double click it.
  • Now look for the processes related to
  • If you find any select them one by one and click Quit > Force Quit
  • Now that you have closed all the running processes. Head to the Applications folder
  • Look for Parallels > right-click > Move to Trash
  • Empty it and restart Mac.

This is how you can uninstall Parallels.

tipsAdditional Tip

Using the manual ways, you cannot remove all related files. Therefore, to remove all related files and free your Mac from app leftover clutter you need a tool that knows exactly where to look for these files. For this, we suggest using Uninstall App module of Cleanup My System.

Manual Ways to Remove Parallels Desktop

Note: Before using any step, make sure Parallels Desktop is not running in the background. To close it go to Actions toolbar > Shut Down. Next click Parallels icon > Quit Parallels Desktop.

  1. Open Finder and click the Go menu
  2. Select Go to Folder.
  3. Here, paste the following paths one by one and hit Go.

/Library/Application Support
uninstall Parallels with TuneupMyMac

  1. Once the window for each path opens, look for items related to Parallels.
  2. Select them > right-click > Move to

Note: When removing files from the Library be cautious. If you are not sure about a file, don’t remove it as you might delete important files.

That’s it you have now completely uninstalled Parallels from your Mac.

Indeed, the manual way is a bit time consuming and lengthy. Therefore, to make things easy, we suggest using a dedicated tool that helps remove Parallels along with its traces.

Automatic Way to delete Parallels Desktop from Mac using Cleanup My System

I loved using Cleanup My System for this task. This cleaner for Mac is easy to use, and it offers several features to clean, optimize, speed up and protect your Mac.

Here’s how to use its Uninstaller tool:

1. Download and launch Cleanup My System on your Mac.

2. Navigate to the Uninstall App module and hit the Start Scan button.

3. Let the scanning process get completed.

Cleanup My System

4. Once done, locate the Parallels Desktop app in the list of all the installed applications.

5. Select the Parallels Desktop app & hit the Uninstall button. That’s all!

In addition to this, to ensure no-cache or temporary files are left behind, consider using the Cache & Logs module. This will help remove all unwanted traces that take unnecessary space and slow down your Mac.

Cleanup My System

This is all, using these simple steps you can uninstall Parallels. Moreover, once you use Cleanup My System’s uninstall app module for Mac. This way, you will be able to identify all the unwanted applications that you no longer use and just hog valuable disk space.

We hope you find our article helpful. Please mention your thoughts in the comments section below!

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